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In the latest teaser for the X-Men arc, Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso explained that both plotlines wrapping up at "exactly the same time" is no coincidence. The biggest X-event of the decade divides the mutant universe across distinct battle-lines and asks readers the question: 'Whose side are you on? Next summer, the entire Marvel Universe will have its eyes on the X-Men. The story sees division rise up within the mutant team, with Cyclops and Wolverine on opposing sides.

X-Men: Schism 1 arrives in stores on July There's a sense of, if not friendship, respect between Wolverine and Cyclops, and it makes perfect sense. These dudes have been working together for years. They've risked death for each other. They've buried friends and un -buried almost as many.

They may not get along all the time, but there's a history there that doesn't work if you just flat-out hate each other that comes from sharing a the same ideals.

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And in showing that relationship, Aaron makes the moment where it all breaks down feel far more important than it would be. This isn't a story that would work as well as it does if Wolverine and Cyclops acted like they did in , but it is a story that takes every bit of that history into account. But what makes this comic so great isn't just how the conflict is depicted, but what it actually is. Wolverine and Cyclops have had their standard roles in comics for years, the same ones that I picked up on when I was getting that first look at the X-Men in fifth grade: Wolverine's the grim, badass loner who's willing to get the job done through brutal violence, and Cyclops is the repressed control freak who believes in the morality of his cause.

Those two things are both true, but in this story, Aaron recognizes that there's a lot more to the characters than just those broad strokes, and that the deeper complexities running under the surface give him a chance to put them on the sides of a conflict that may not be what the readers expect. Wolverine isn't just a vicious thug, he's also a guy who takes kids like Kitty Pryde and Jubilee under his wing to protect them, and teach them how to protect themselves. For all that he's a scary for a Canadian berserker samurai, he cares about people, especially kids. And Cyclops is a guy who was recruited into a paramilitary organization when he was a teenager and spent his entire life dealing with people who were trying to kill his entire species.

Aaron, along with Carlos Pacheco, Alan Davis, Frank Cho and Daniel Acuna, has been expertly playing up those two ideas in a story that underscores Cyclops' ruthless pragmatism and a noble side of Wolverine that readers don't often get to see. The idea that he's perfectly comfortable doing what he does -- which I believe he's said once or twice is "not very nice" -- only as long as others are spared having to deal with it is expressed beautifully here. He's certainly not my 2. Besides a slow start, the only other real complaint is that the art is kind of weird.

Logan looks really fat, for example.

The Hope issues are basically the end of the main book retold from a different perspective, from the point of view of characters that I couldn't care less about. The art was also a lot worse in these issues. This story was intercut with pointless panels of the characters as cave men, because I guess they needed to pad this dry story out a bit.

Oh god, spare me. If I had rolled my eyes any harder I would have went blind. So, anyway, a decent X-Men story that really only exists to split everyone's favorite mutants into different teams. Schism is probably worth the read, but I would suggest only the biggest X-Men fans read the other stories. Feb 24, Sam Quixote rated it really liked it. Meanwhile the Hellfire Club undergo a rebranding and a new leader with no qualms about setting loose a dangerous new t SPOILERS The X-Men have started their own mutant nation, a small island off the coast of California named Utopia, in a bid to create an identity and safe haven for themselves.

Meanwhile the Hellfire Club undergo a rebranding and a new leader with no qualms about setting loose a dangerous new type of machine, one that seems unstoppable, and sets its sights on Utopia. With the X-Men scattered across the globe dealing with the Sentinel threat, Cyclops, leader of Utopia, is given the choice of abandoning the island or doing the unthinkable — conscripting mutant children to put their lives on the line to save the fledgling nation. Jason Aaron gets the ball rolling nicely on this well put together and vastly interesting new series for the X-Men.

I like the idea of Utopia though I felt the Westchester Academy was kind of the same thing. Until it was destroyed of course. The book hinges upon the decision Cyclops faces and which Wolverine is completely against doing — asking kids to fight for them. The resulting fight between Cyclops and Wolverine is gripping reading and the mutants of the world become split between one vision of the world and the other. The one gripe I will say is about the Hellfire Club — hyper-intelligent and black-hearted 10 year olds, really?

It just looked silly. Either way, this is the most interesting X-Men storyline the series has had in years and I look forward to the coming stories following this split. View all 3 comments. Jul 06, Brandon St Mark rated it it was amazing Shelves: marvel , comics-manga , reads. Really great read! I definitely am going to pick up more X-Men titles when I go back to my lcs! Dec 11, Beckiezra rated it liked it Shelves: comics-manga.

Nostalgia for X-Men be darned, this took me almost a month to come back and finish because the first two chapters were so blah why do I care. The last 4 parts of the book went much faster, maybe it was just a change in my attitude. I have to go downgrade my rating for prelude to schism now because this book was much better than that one and I can't possibly give this book more than 3 stars because: Things I hate: 10 year old super villains. They're not mutants, they're just super evil rich kids Nostalgia for X-Men be darned, this took me almost a month to come back and finish because the first two chapters were so blah why do I care.

They're not mutants, they're just super evil rich kids who manage to take out all the adults in their life, fight aliens, take over the Hellfire club, create a super sentinel, and successfully destroy the X-Men.

X-Men: Schism #4 (of 5)

It was ridiculous and part of why the second chapter was so hard to get through. Stupid cavemen fights. What the what?! I guess it made it slightly interesting for someone, and was good for giving breaks as they divided everyone up for this stupid schism. The X-Men have always been kids fighting, that's who they are, Professor X gatherings impressionable young mutants and turns them into a commando team of fighters for truth justice and the mutant way!

Logan and Scott fighting each other when a freaking sentinel is there to destroy them. I think Scott has the sense to stop blowing Logan down to a skeleton after the first sentinel blast on the island even if I can imagine Logan preferring to keep fighting even though obviously those kids he cares SOOO much about can't possibly have evacuated yet so he can't go blowing up the island. The art was pretty decent even if I didn't love it all the time. Why can't the same artist do things? Is that asking too much? I have not read X-books even semi-regularly over the last 15 years so I realize there have been a lot of changes in the characters and the situations.

I blame two things 1 those movies that made the comics decide spandex wasn't cool anymore and 2 terrorists making everyone feel like things can only be bad and we have to reflect that in our entertainment. So I know Scott has been doing some crazy stuff for the last decade and I can overlook it in general to read random graphic novels. Maybe I would see it as a more natural change in the books if it happened gradually over a decade but I just randomly read these newer collections and wish there were some collections of the good stuff I was waiting to have happen for years and then it finally did a couple years after I stopped collecting and somehow the X-Men have adopted Magneto's dream for mutant isolation and Scott is a jerk who takes advice from Emma and I don't even know who half the characters are and don't really care about their lost childhoods or mental anguish or whatever.

I just care about the characters that I know and I do not like the way the writers have decided to tear them apart. I can't give this less than 3 stars because it was an emotionally charged story for me at least and isn't that what a book should do? Jun 14, Martin Earl rated it liked it Shelves: comics. I came back to comics after this happened, at the beginning of the Marvel Regenesis period, having read most of Civil War, but nothing much else.

I did read House of M, which was important for this. For that reason, this book answered a lot of questions that I didn't really even know I had. All of this makes Wolverine's work with him at the new school even more mature and Xavier-ish. Mostly, though, wha I came back to comics after this happened, at the beginning of the Marvel Regenesis period, having read most of Civil War, but nothing much else.

Mostly, though, what this book did for me was show the final descent of Scott Summers into idiocy and megalomania. This brings us the Cyclops of AvX and of the new Mutant revolution. It's good to see that happen. I know that he'd been persecuted his whole life and had been running and running and running for as long as he can remember, but there was no need to take a martyr's stand and make the kids fight for what HE perceived as the only way. By letting wolverine blow himself and the robot up, a Mutant would still be doing the fighting, would still be making a stand against this kind of genocide, but would be doing it without harm to himself.

It is this martyr's stance, this insistance that he ALWAYS be facing the hate of the world even though it was just Kilgore trying to make money at their expense, not a true mutant-hate attack that has made him the horrible person that he has become. Now, more than ever, he truly is a cyclops, and the accompanying lack of depth perception that comes from not seeing things from two points has blinded him to anything else but his own hurt. May 12, Stephen rated it liked it.

After a mutant-triggered international incident, anti-mutant hatred hits new heights. It's at this moment, when the mutant race desperately needs to stand together, that a split begins that tears apart the X-Men. The tension that has been simmering away for the last couple of years bubbles up to the surface here. I won't go into the main plot in great detail, as it's not great.

And the Hellfire Club kids are awful. Truly awful. I never thought it'd be Wolverine to make the point that teaching chil After a mutant-triggered international incident, anti-mutant hatred hits new heights.

X-Men: Schism Comic Dub #1- Hatred and Fear

I never thought it'd be Wolverine to make the point that teaching children to become killers is wrong, but there you have it. But Cyclops is right that these children do not have the chance to be children: people are trying to kill them every day, and only by learning to fight can they survive. Let's not forget that many of the X-Men were children themselves when they first joined the team. I couldn't say which side I'd be on. Wolverine's intentions are obviously noble, but what he's doing feels so futile it's hard to view it as the right choice.

Wolverine's hypocrisy is not lost on the reader, either; he's still the man behind X-Force, and he's had to engage in some pretty shady means to justify his ends. Anyway, enough of that. Let's get to the good part: the final issue, where we get to see some characters make their decisions.

The decisions issue is interspersed with scenes of the X-Men as cavemen, choosing sides while watching a fight between caveman-Cyclops and cavemen-Wolverine. While it sounds ridiculous, as a visual metaphor it works pretty well. There's very few big shocks. Most of the characters you'd expect to go with Wolverine go with Wolverine, and most of the characters you'd expect to stay with Cyclops stay on Utopia. While part of me applauds this consistency, wouldn't it have been interesting to see some characters choose differently?

What if Rogue had stayed with Cyclops? Or Gambit? Or Marvel Girl? What if Emma had chosen to go to the school? Schism isn't the greatest, but as a set-up to the next era of X-Men stories, it's good stuff. Definitely worth a read. Feb 05, Travis Duke rated it it was amazing. Having read alot of the newer stuff this book becomes more and more important as time goes on.

As we now know the teams are still broken.

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Regenesis is a really cool after comic that explains where all the x-men go. Overall Jason Aaron does a great job writing this book. Jan 20, Markus rated it really liked it Shelves: comics , x-men , marvel. Me and my x-men comics have a relationship going on over 20 years.

We have had more good times than bad times, there's was a year or two that we lived in a separation, but Grant Morrison came and united us once more and everything was good for a while. Lately we have more bad times than good times and divorce was looming in a horizon. I decided to give last chance to this new 'counselor guy' named Jason Aaron and this thing called the 'Schism' and something happened, his plan worked.

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I was smili Me and my x-men comics have a relationship going on over 20 years. I was smiling again while reading my x-men, not perfect yet, but right direction and see there's still a future for us, even after 24 years of marriage there is a breath of freshness in the air. View all 4 comments.


Apr 06, Rick rated it it was ok. Where to start How about the art? For a tent pole event have a consistent art team, not different teams for different sections. And I just can't buy Wolverine as the compassionate guy who doesn't think kids should fight and kill Come on May 22, Adriana rated it really liked it Shelves: sequential-art-graphic-novel. Talk about a difference of opinions; Wolverine wants to protect mutant children while Cyclops thinks every mutant is a combatant.

They clash in a very spectacular way and end up drawing a dividing line between the few remaining mutants. Mar 26, Sonic rated it liked it. Pretty excellent! But then the editors said, "Ok Aaron, now you need to finish this with a wrap-up story, oh and also we are gonna give you another not-as-good artist, since there is no action, make it great! Yeah, it ended on a pretty weak note so this only gets 3 stars. Aug 14, Daniel Perlino rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I was very close to giving this 5 stars, but then I thought about it in relation to other books I have read and it wasn't quite there. I love it when comics aren't afraid to get dark and edgy, as this does by having sadistic kids take over the Hellfire Club. The overt references to them killing their parents was a welcome innovation in a world where everyone wants to sugar coat things, even often in comics.

The other thing I loved about the bo I was very close to giving this 5 stars, but then I thought about it in relation to other books I have read and it wasn't quite there. It is cannon at this point that the two bump heads frequently. After all, Summers is a do "things by the books" most of the time and Logan is a maverick. Surprisingly, though, I felt that the roles were reversed here.

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  6. Logan wanted to protect the mutant children while Summers thought that they should fight because they exist in a world that hates them. The best part was that the fight between the two was all out in this storyline. It was bloody, it was visceral, and it was wonderful. I got a strong sense of what a real fight between the two would be and not just harsh words thrown back and forth.

    For instance, there is a close shot of Wolverine's claws going through Cyclops fist. I like that the writer and the artists didn't hold back. The last issue was rather long and figurative, but I think I got the jist. It is so intriguing to see Logan trying to start Xavier's school back up again, while Cyclops wants to continue to live on a secluded island. Once again, I feel that the roles are reversed. This has the X-Men taking sides and I want to know what happens next. The set up is very promising. Mar 28, SubjectZero rated it liked it.