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The reference books are bound by subject and arranged alphabetically. Includes copies of most film or glass processes. Subjects include aerial photographs, African-Americans, agriculture, animals, apartment houses, San Diego architecture, art, automobiles, aviation including dirigibles, airports, and Charles Lindbergh, Balboa Park including the Panama California Exposition of and California Pacific Exposition of , beach scenes, bicycles, the Border Patrol, bridges, bullfights, buildings and businesses exteriors and interior.

Businesses include bakeries, banks, barber shops, bath houses, breweries, canneries, dairy industry, gas stations, groceries, livery stables and carriage houses, logging, lumber, movie theaters, newspapers, restaurants, and saloons. Reference books of areas or institutions closely associated with the city of San Diego include Adams Ave. Early s to are arranged numerically and chronologically.

Pre images are cataloged by subject and filed numerically. The collection documents the daily news photography of the San Diego Union-Tribune. The collection includes a wide range of city, county, regional and national events with large files on people, sports, shipping, and a variety of daily events. Gift of San Diego Union-Tribune. Title Insurance Photograph Collection, Arranged numerically. Collected by the Union Title Insurance Company, later Title Insurance and Trust, and by curators Larry and Jane Booth, this collection consists of original negatives, glass plates and copy or duplicate negatives.

This segment of negatives consists largely of the images by professional photographers in San Diego but also includes separate and miscellaneous donations. Photographers include W. Patterson, Guy Sensor, J. Sherriff, San Diego Union-Tribune photographers, and others.

Subjects include but are not limited to San Diego prominent and ordinary citizens, street scenes, buildings, businesses, organizations, civic events, aerial views, landscape, railroads, ships, harbors, agriculture, aircraft industry, vehicles, residences, churches and schools. More specific subjects include the Hotel del Coronado, U. Grant Hotel, mining, trolleys, hospitals, rowing clubs, retail businesses, tidelands, ranches, mountains, missions, expositions, courthouses and county offices, banks, the Horton House, theaters, dams, Balboa Park, fire department, aviation, bridges, fairs, floods, breweries, U.

President visits, Charles Lindbergh, dirigibles, the military and many more. This series consists mostly of copy negatives, duplicate negatives, original negatives and some glass plates acquired or accessioned by SDHC between and the present. The images document San Diego and surrounding areas in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Subjects include but are not limited to aviation, U. Related segments of this collection are not included in this description despite being a part of a similar accession numbering sequence. Those collections have descriptions of their own. A card index is available. Organized numerically. Divided by size. This collection consists of original prints taken by commercial or individual photographers. Some of the original prints have corresponding negatives in the various Negative Collections.

Subjects include San Diego harbor views, people, groups, schools, animals, businesses, organizations, parades, railroads, ships, ferries, streets, women, automobiles, the U. Navy and other military branches, mines, lakes, the Fire Department, flumes, rowing clubs, colleges and universities, hospitals, camping, theaters, aviation, hotels, theaters, banks, churches, dams, bathhouses, residences, skyline views, signs, ranches, buses, bands, agriculture, fire departments, fairs, photographers, floods, missions, artifacts, sports, schools, post offices, police departments, music, labor unions, art, restaurants, and fishing boats.

Larger collections are not included in this description despite being a part of a similar accession numbering sequence. Ames Color Publishers Photograph Collection, Documents the work of this Escondido postcard and brochure publisher. The collection consists of negatives, color transparencies, work order materials, postcards, Christmas cards, brochures, stationary and other work. Postcards and other published materials of beach hotels, restaurants, churches, real estate agencies, mobile home park, hospitals, and other businesses in San Diego, El Cajon, Spring Valley, Santee, Lakeside, Alpine, Coronado, Imperial Valley, Chula Vista and elsewhere.

Elden Anderson Photograph Collection, s. This collection documents Balboa Park and its visitors ca. Included are negatives of children, women, and men doing various Park related activities. Argall Family Photograph Collection, ca. This collection consists of prints, photograph albums, postcards, carte de visites, cabinet cards, and other images. Documents the Argall family and scenes around San Diego.

Some of the earlier photographs were taken by Clausen Photographs. Jose Aguirre Family Photograph Collection, ss. This collection consists mostly or apparently of studio portraits of the Jose Aguirre family and other Mexican-American families. Sykes, Alice Whitney Smith and others. Also photographs by Foto Mena, Elizondo. Gift of Thomas B. See Print Reference Books and accessions: ; ; ; ,84; ; ; ; ; ; ; and other accessions.

Included are scattered photographs from various accessions. Subjects include aviation, parades, the Chinese Community Mission many groups , Chinese ships or junks on-board or views , businesses fancy goods stores, laundries, restaurants, butcher shops, and fortune tellers , sports teams, dinner groups, a Boy Scout troop, occupations railroad work, agriculture, food service ; and the Hall of China at the Balboa Park Exposition.

Some images of an opium pipe. Photographs of people include individual men, women, and children; school groups, and members of the Quan, Ah Quin, and Hom, families and many others. DeGraff Austin Photograph Collection, San Diego County Supervisor. Photographs of ceremonies, banquets, groundbreakings, parades, meetings, openings, ribbon cuttings, and other events throughout San Diego County. Walter Averette Photograph Collection, ss. Originals—S1-S and throughout the Union Title Trust Collection; Duplicate negatives— ; ; ; ; ; ; Also see PA 63, 89, 99, , , , , and This collection documents the work of San Diego commercial photographer Walter Averette.

The collection contains original glass plates, duplicate negatives and some prints. Norman Baynard Photograph Collection, ss. This collection documents the work of Baynard and to a large extent the African- American community in San Diego between the s and the s. Images of businesses include furniture stores, grocery stores, fashion modeling, auto supply stores, mortuaries, barbershops, hotels, upholstery shops, liquor stores, restaurants and other businesses.

Church groups in the images are singing in choirs or groups, dining, participating in communion, and other ceremonies at Baptist, Methodist, African Methodist Episcopal, Seventh Day Adventists and other churches. Sports images include baseball teams and other activities. Entertainment images include dancers, dining, singers, musical groups, and bands. Funeral images include bodies of men, women, and children and the actual services. Weddings include the bride, groom, ceremony and wedding parties. Also included are miscellaneous images of hairstyles, various certificates, wrecked automobiles, and copies of military discharge papers.

Item level finding aid exists. Beuthel Miniature Stereoviews Collection, ca. Consists of miniature stereoviews of San Diego and elsewhere apparently taken by W. Navy , tuna fleet, San Diego Zoo and other images. Gift of Bill Colvin and Dave Wiener. Harry Bishop Photograph Collection, ss. San Diego Union photographer. This collection includes prints and some negatives.

Other negatives are with the Union Tribune Collection. Subjects include San Diego aerials, animals, automobiles, aviation wrecks , beach scenes, buildings, businesses, ceremonies, churches, crime money, suspects, murder , dams, disasters, Fiesta del Pacifico, fires, highways, lakes, military, missions, organizations, parades, people U. Presidents , schools, ships, sports sports fishing and boating , women some modeling with appliances , and the San Diego Zoo.

This collection consists of negatives showing San Diego area businesses, construction projects, organizations, people, places, private homes, ships including marine repair and construction, wedding portraits, and other subjects. Images include dry cleaners, automobile dealers, grocery stores, banks, music stores, dairies, furniture stores, department stores, churches, hospitals, theaters, and others.

Navy ships, Walker-Polls-Miller insurance inspector , and metalizing a ship. Miscellaneous images include an air ray gun, an avocado bowl, Nox-all products, a model reeled from water by fishermen, water-skiing, gliders, Mr.

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Lodges building and school and many other images. This collection documents the activities of the Union Title Trust Insurance Company and was used to illustrate articles in Union Title Trust Topics a company produced magazine that promoted the San Diego area. Contains original negatives by Larry Booth and some duplicate negatives.

Includes many aerial views of the San Diego area. Many of these images are printed and available in Photograph Reference Books. Early female bus driver in Southern California. Photograph albums mostly of road trips made by Helen Tulloch Bowles. Includes a typescript with photographs of a mile trip on horseback through San Diego area mountains. Brewery Slide Collection. This collection of slides was created for presentations documents breweries in San Diego area.

Included are Aztec Brewing Co. Many of the images were copied from Guy Sensor photographs. A list exists. This collection consists of several thousand postcards, photographs, photograph albums and other materials collected by Andreas Brown, a New York City bookstore owner and historian. Also includes several photographs by Harold A. Marines, U. Navy Ships, U. Naval Training Center, U. Schumann-Heink residences, ships, Sweetwater Dam, transportation and zoo. Also includes photo albums, cabinet cards, stereo views, tourist pamphlets and other materials. Photo albums mostly by Harold A.

Taylor, photographer. Reference book available. Street, San Diego. Sailors make up most of the audience in the theater. California-Pacific Exposition Photograph Collection, approx. Includes activities at the Exposition and buildings in the Park including renderings of interiors and exteriors of some of the buildings not constructed. California-Pacific Exposition Photograph Collection Original prints and copy negatives. OP This collection contains photographs of historic or commemorative monuments and gravestone monuments at Calvary Cemetery in San Diego.

Includes views of cemeteries and gravestones of prominent citizens. Also military headstones and slides of Memorial Day, Camp Callan Photograph Collection, Includes original prints and copy negatives for most prints. Also see Photographic Reference Books. Subjects include construction work, barracks, draftees, church offices, medical inspections, rifle range, vehicles, canteen, payday lines of men , troops marching, parade formation, troops arriving on trains, classes, draftees at roller rink, artillery emplacements, training, and obstacle course.

Pliny Castanian Photograph Collection, ss. This collection contains research files collected by Pliny Castanian, police reporter and Police Dept. Subjects include department facilities, parades, swat teams, traffic officers, motorcycle officers, police chiefs, horse patrol, McDonalds Massacre, anti-Vietnam War demonstration, and auxiliary police squad Also many images of individual police officers and administration.

Florence Christman Photograph Collection, ss. This collection consists of personal slides, prints and photograph albums. The collection also includes personal, family, and vacation photographs. Also photograph albums of Kansas, Omaha, Nebraska nursing school , and Oregon. San Diego Calif. Documents the development of San Diego during the s and s. Consists of copy negatives and some prints. Includes aerial images high and low altitude of most areas of San Diego. This includes shopping centers, institutions, golf courses, intersections of major streets, downtown buildings, and many other subjects.

Concrete Ship Photograph Collection, This collection contains interior, exterior, construction, crew, and the christening ceremony relating to a concrete ship built in San Diego. The photographs were used to publicize San Diego. Jack Crawford Photograph Album Collection, San Diego and military photographer. The collection consists of photograph albums.

Convair Photograph Collection, ss. The collection contains mostly prints but also some negatives. Subjects include airplane assembly, World War II camouflage over Pacific Highway, airplane pilots, aircraft carriers, ships in port, expansion of Convair plant, Convair executives, a U.

Treasury Bond ceremony with Ginger Rogers, Wee-Bee one man airplane, women workers, and many other subjects. This collection of various cased and uncased daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes includes of portraits of San Diego residents, and their pioneer relatives from the Eastern U. Included are portraits of men, women, children, groups of children, groups of women, babies, children and parents, and Civil War soldiers.

Some cases have double portraits. Among the individuals identified in this collection are: Joseph S. Also includes a miniature album of tintype portraits with many identified young people s , and a tintype from Coronado Tent City and one of covered wagons. Many of the cased photographs are missing the cover of the original casing. Dauchy-Thieme Family Photograph Collection, ss. The collection includes family portraits, pen and ink prints of the Civil War, and photograph albums. Documents the Dauchy-Thieme families.

Edward H. Davis Photograph Collection, ca. Davis was a San Diego County photographer and innkeeper. Subjects include portraits of individuals and groups of men, women and children; Native Americans weaving baskets, using ollas bowls , pounding food; cemeteries and funerals during day and night; Native American ceremonies; Davis and his family; residences or dwellings, groups including families, cattlemen and others, Chief Yellow Sky; Powam Lodge; rural mountain, lake, and ocean scenes, San Diego scenes; Native Americans in Arizona especially the Yuma area and Mexico.

A partial listing exists. Antony Di Gesu Photograph Collection, ss. La Jolla and New York City portrait photographer. This collection consists mostly of color prints and negatives. The photographs were used by the individuals in the portraits, for magazine covers Saturday Review, , record album covers, and other uses.

The portraits were also occasionally exhibited. Also included is one photograph album. Vance Hartke, Dr. Armand Hammer, Joseph H. Jonas Salk, William L. Elser, Peter Eros, Ruben H. Arthur E. Cornelius W. Roger Revelle, Mrs. Stephan Rockefeller, Dr. Ken Unruh, Louis Untermeyer, Rep. Robert Wilson, Julius Zolezzi and many others. There are approximately tapes of shows.

James E. Dillon was a San Diego theater actor and theater manager. Images include scenes from over plays with actors and sets. Hans Doe was a resident of Vista, an avocado farmer and active in Republican politics. Photographs include avocado groves, aerial views of irrigation districts, aqueduct trip, barge construction, Knecht Ave. Downtown San Diego Photograph Collection This collection documents downtown San Diego in Includes prints in reference books and negatives. Jordan, Linda Deaton and others photographed the streets and buildings of San Diego.

Images also show people on the streets in various clothing, hairstyles and automobiles. Arranged alphabetically by subject or place. This collection documents the history of San Diego and surrounding areas in images between and the s. Collection of photographic prints collected by SDHC prior to the s. Complete name list is available. Early Photographic Print Collection: People, ss.

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Arranged alphabetically by name. Documents late nineteenth and twentieth century citizens of San Diego and others. This collection consists mostly of portraits of people collected by the San Diego Historical Society prior to the s. Grant, Jr. Also includes a series of group images. Robert Eberhardt Photograph Collection, Includes many aerial images of the San Diego coastline from Tijuana to Oceanside.

Subjects include scout cruisers, concrete tankers, work boats, fishery research vessels, maritime heraldry, Mission Bay, and the San Diego Rowing Club. Theodore G. Ellyson Photograph Collection, Photographic print copy of 2 photo albums. This collection documents early flying efforts and U. Harry Frederick Harlow, Harry Harlow is famous in psychological circles for primate research. No introductory psychology course would be complete lest it include his famous studies which found, not surprisingly, that baby rhesus monkeys prefer upholstered surrogate mothers to wire frame mothers.

Served time near Safford. She introduced her performance of "Green, Green Grass of Home" by saying, "I'd like to dedicate this song to my husband who will be going to jail for draft evasion. Attended helicopter training in Arizona. Henry Charles Albert David, Prince Harry was one of 20 British Army helicopter pilots attending a two month course in the United States in fall There he rented a Harley Davidson motorcycle for a 6 hour trip to Las Vegas where he stayed at the Wynn casino hotel.

Paul Harvey was in broadcasting ever since his high school drama coach in Tulsa took him to a local radio station where he got a job that included some announcing. In , his news and comment programs were heard by 22 million people each week, making him the most listened to man on radio. While he was known for his conservative positions, he did go against stereotype supporting the women's Equal Rights Amendment, gay rights and abortion choice, and opposing the Vietnam War.

The Harveys had homes in Chicago, St. Louis, and Phoenix, each with a small broadcast studio. At his Phoenix home near the Arizona Biltmore, he had been know to broadcast in his pajamas from his upstairs studio, but he usually wore a white shirt and bolo tie. And that is "the rest of the story. John D. Hayworth, Jr. Hayworth is the U. Representative from Arizona's Fifth District. That district covers Scottsdale and parts of other East valley communities. As he neared the end of his fourth two-year term, he received a questionable honor.

Washingtonian magazine announced that in a survey of congressional staffers, Hayworth was named the second "biggest windbag" and its second "funniest" member. Photo by GageSkidmore. Garrett's family moved to Scottsdale when he was in the ninth grade where he began taking acting lessons. He attended Horizon High School where he participated in ice skating, wrestling, and football, and graduated a semester early. Fellow thespian Aneliese Rutger was a classmate at Horizon.

Wintered in Paradise Valley. Died in Scottsdale He died of pneumonia at Scottsdale Memorial Hospital. Leona Mindy Rosenthal Helmsley, The "Queen of Mean" and heiress to Harry Helmsley's real estate holdings which once included the Empire State Building, spent 9 winters in digs that surpass any other snowbird's. Played Phoenix Open 52 years Bob Hope, Leslie Townes Hope, He must have enjoyed it since he returned year after year, playing in the Open for the last time in Died in Paradise Valley The Hormels came to the rescue of the mansion as it faced demolition for construction of condominiums on its 10 acre hilltop site overlooking the Arizona Biltmore Resort.

Geordie playing piano during Sunday brunch at the mansion. Attended the University of Arizona. In December, , Congress passed a bill authorizing the production and distribution of medals honoring the gallant actions of Naval personnel during the Civil War. A second bill authorizing medals for Army personnel was passed two months later. President Lincoln signed both bills into law and the Congressional Medal of Honor was born. When the authorizing bill was passed, Bernard J. He was stationed in the western territory which is now Arizona.

The actions he took at Apache Pass about 26 miles east of Wilcox on February 13 and 14, , would become the earliest to lead to the awarding of a Congressional Medal of Honor. The citation for the medal reads that Irwin "Voluntarily took command of troops and attacked and defeated hostile Indians he met on the way. Surgeon Irwin volunteered to go to the rescue of 2d Lt.

George N. Bascom, 7th Infantry, who with 60 men was trapped by Chiricahua Apaches under Cochise. Irwin and 14 men, not having horses began the mile march riding mules. After fighting and capturing Indians, recovering stolen horses and cattle, he reached Bascom's column and help break his siege. Over 30 years later, on January 24,, when Colonel Irwin was leaving the service, his act of heroism was finally recognized with the awarding of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Reginald Martinez Jackson, Jennifer Marie Massoli, In August , quite a few eyebrows on south Scottsdale residents were raised when they discovered that pornography "actress" Jenna Jameson had acquired a club in their quiet neighborhood. Never mind that the club was the infamous Babe's Cabaret at N.

Scottsdale Road which already featured mostly naked dancers to titillate patrons into a state of arousal. Jenna was a star of major proportions. One could only imagine the result if such a celebrity leveraged her talents in their neighborhood. A pornographic theme park catering to perversions of unimaginable variety would not exceed the range of possibilities.

Lived in Phoenix, Mesa. Died in Mesa In Lubbock, he became friends with Buddy Holley and they co-wrote a Holly demo.


Karol Wojtyla, In Tempe, he held mass for 75, of the faithful at a stadium paying homage to the Devil. Ben Johnson was a ranch hand and rodeo performer until he found that the movies paid better with less risk. Randall David Johnson, He pitched a perfect game one pitcher sending 27batters in a row down without any reaching base in his final start at Livermore CA High School. He repeated the feat for the Diamondbacks against the Atlanta Braves on May 18, It was only the 17th perfect game in MLB history, and at 40, Randy was the oldest pitcher to do it.

Murdered, tried, imprisoned in Phoenix c. Winnie Ruth Judd was the 26 year old wife of a 56 year old physician. The couple had moved to Phoenix in hoping that the dry climate would keep Winnie Ruth's tuberculosis in check, and that Dr. Judd could find employment. Her work did not go unnoticed. She received three local Emmy Award nominations and was named top reporter in the seven-state Rocky Mountain region. She also received an offer from CNN. She left CNN in In September, , the Washington Post reported that ultraconservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was dating Daryn, a figure of "the liberal media axis.

Paradise Valley Arizona History

The left-meets-right romance was reported to have ended in February Graduated from the University of Arizona. Kourtney graduated from the University of Arizona earning a degree in Theatre Arts with a minor in Spanish. Like a number of other Hollywood socialites, Kourtney is famous primarily for being famous. The late Robert Kardashian, a member of an upper class LA family, was best known as one of the "dream team" attorneys for O.

Learn the origins of Castro's Paradise Valley home

Simpson in the infamous LA murder trial. Since Bil has penned the popular syndicated cartoon "Family Circus" from his home in Paradise Valley. Prior to the circus, he created "Channel Chuckles" which was carried in papers across the nation from until Toughened up, recuperated in Arizona. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Kennedy, Jr. Speiden left his Wall Street banking job in and moved to Arizona for his health. In addition to cattle, the ranch became known for graciously entertaining guests such as author Thornton Wilder.

Lived in Scottdale. Harmon Clayton Killebrew, 19 Six days before his 18th birthday, Killabrew became the youngest player in the majors at the time when made his debut appearance on the diamond for the Washington Senators. He stayed on the diamond for 22 years playing for the Washington Senators staying with them when they became the Minnesota Twins , then moving to the Kansas City Royals He was inducted into the Baseball hall of Fame in He moved to Scottsdale in where he chaired the Harmon Killebrew Foundation.

He died at his home in Scottsdale of esophageal cancer. Lived in Phoenix, Tucson. James Christian Kimmel, Born in Brooklyn, raised in Las Vegas, this host of late night talk got into broadcasting in Phoenix.

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According to an interview with Maxim magazine, Jimmy began his broadcast career when he walked into a station announcing, "I'm here to learn. King, Larry. Likeness carved in corn in Queen Creek. Lawrence Harvey Zeiger, If you happened to be flying over Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek during the fall of , you might have seen the image of CNN's longtime talk show host Larry King carved in a ten acre corn maze.

The maze image was cooked up by Larry's seventh wife sixth if you don't count repeat marriages , Shawn Southwick, and the Schnepfs to kick off the celebration of his 70th birthday. King, Wayne. In his sophomore year saxophonist and business major Wayne King dropped out of Valparaisio University in Indiana to pursue a music career. His Wayne King Orchestra became hugely popular in the early years of the big band era. For seven consecutive years from to , they received the Radio Guide Trophy for radio's most popular dance orchestra.

The orchestra was disbanded in when King joined the army. The 41 year old bandleader was made captain in the Army Specialists Corps as a music officer. In , the orchestra was reformed and returned to radio. Although the orchestra continued to tour through , King's celebrity had faded enough by the late 's that he could be a contestant on the first incarnation of the television game show To Tell the Truth In the Goodson-Todman game show the story of one of three contestants is told to a celebrity panel.

The remaining two contestants attempt to impersonate the contestant whose story has been told as the panel asks questions of the contestants. In his appearance, after successfully fooling most panel members, William King mentioned some of his business interests which included the Greyhound Car Rental in Phoenix. Wayne King retired to Scottsdale, Arizona, where he died in Kinnear, Greg.

Greg Kinnear enrolled at the University of Arizona as a drama major, but switched to broadcast journalism after the first semester. He graduated in with a degree in journalism. He headed directly to Los Angeles where he landed a job in as an on-air reporter for Movietime, a local cable station. The budget was so tight that they operated out of an old porno studio. Things changed when Movietime was sold and became E! Then he was re-hired to become the first host of "Talk Soup" for which he received an Emmy Award.

After appearing in Sydney Pollack's remake of Sabrina, he decided to devote full time to acting. Kinnear returned to Arizona, if only in spirit and the last reel, to play Bob Crane in Autofocus , a film about Crane's career, obsessions, and death in Scottsdale. Born near Winslow. Attended of University of Arizona. Lived in Phoenix and Prescott. Attorney General, Lawyer. Richard Kleindienst assisted in Richard Nixon's presidential campaign. He was rewarded for his efforts by appointment as Nixon's Deputy Attorney General. This role and his friendship with Andy lead to him being cast in the movie version of the play and Andy's television show.

While in New York, Don made television appearances as a "man on the street" being interviewed by a former undergraduate at a rival Arizona school, Steve Allen. Teaches gymnastics in Scottsdale Olga Korbut on a Azerbaijan Republic postage stamp commemorating her Olympic victory. Olga Korbut was a champion Olympic athlete for the Soviet Union when there was still a cold war. Three decades later she was the main attraction for a strip mall gymnastics school in Scottsdale. Not surprisingly, she took a circuitous path to make it from her native Grodno, Byelorussia, to the Arizona desert.

Even though Arizona's laws at the time were less stringent than California's, they did require that both partners be Three weeks later, the marriage was annulled. Carole returned to school but on August 25, , she remarried Wheeler. Less than a month later, Wheeler threatened to throw her out.

She walked out but the twice marrieds were not divorced until just in time for her to marry her second of 5 husbands. Lapre, Don. Alumni of Sunnyslope High School. Lived in Phoenix Metro area. Arrested in Tempe. Died in Florence. Donald D. Lapre, 19 The self-proclaimed "King of Infomercials" started his career of marketing products questionable value with his Unknown Concepts credit-repair business. By he was hosting "The Making Money Show with Don Lapre" telling views how to get rich quick if they just buy a package of booklets, tapes and tips from him.

Later, he came up with "The Greatest Vitamin in the World"--which the FDA did not think was so great, shutting down his claims that it treated diabetes, stroke, heart disease, insomnia, cancer, and arthritis. When he was arrested within the month, he attempted suicide by trying to slit his femoral artery. Just a few days before his trial was to start, he was found dead from an apparent suicide in his jail cell in Florence, Arizona. Married in Yuma again. Married in Yuma again The skinny half of the famous Laurel and Hardy comedy team must have thought that Arizona was the ideal place for a marriage.

Stan Laurel chose the state as the site for three of his five marriages or four of his six marriages, depending upon how you count them. Not to detract from the romance of desert nuptials, he might have liked the location for other reasons. Prior to , Arizona had the advantage of requiring neither a blood test nor a 3 day waiting period before a hurried couple could marry.

Virginia Ruth filed suit for divorce within 2 years, but just as the decree was becoming final, she filed an affidavit asking that the final decree not be entered. Her claim was that because of the numerous reconciliations and separations a final decree would not be legal. Her motive might have had something to do with news that Stan was about to marry the Russian singer Vera Ivanova Shuvalova.

The court did not delay the final decree, and it was entered on December 31, Immediately, Stan headed for Yuma with the Russian singer. Virginia Ruth followed seeking to stop the Yuma nuptials, but to no avail. Stan's third marriage took place as he had planned, on January 1, Virginia Ruth's affidavit left some doubt as to the validity of the New Year's Day marriage. On February 27, , when a final ruling was entered on the divorce decree, the couple returned to Yuma for a repeat of the ceremonies. Virginia Ruth did not take the marriage or the remarriage as a defeat.

When Stan's third marriage ended in divorce in , she was ready, willing and able to take him back. Stan married Virginia Ruth for a second time in By , however, divorce proceedings were again in the works. The next day the two set out for Yuma to be married. They arrived in Yuma late because they had gotten lost along the route and had to get the judge out of bed to perform the wedding.

They drove the rest of the night to spend their honeymoon at the Grand Hotel in San Diego. As Stan's Arizona marriages go, the third time was a charm. The couple was still married nearly two decades later when Stan suffered a heart attack and died. Lawrence, Martin. Treated in Tucson Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence, The star of the television series Martin says his then wife used "a lot of trickery" in getting him to check into the Sierra Tucson drug-rehab center in Tucson.

She appears to have had good reason for the trickery--she pointed to his "irrational and abusive behavior" and use of "psychotropic" medicine. In May before entering Sierra Tucson he was found ranting "Fight the power! In August he was arrested at Burbank Airport for carrying a loaded revolver. The treatment was abbreviated at best. Martin says, "I was there for one day and came home.

I found that it took me to get myself together, instead of some program. Arrested in Phoenix Thomas Lee Bass, The former drummer for the rock band Motley Crue is no stranger to arrests on assault. In December, , the band was performing in Phoenix. The band urged fans to rush the stage. When a security guard attempted to keep fans off the stage, Tommy Lee and bassist Nikki Sixx assaulted the guard. Tommy received a 30 day sentence which he was able to serve concurrently with a six month sentence in California on charges of assaulting his wife, Pamela Anderson.

Desert Architecture Series #9 - Andrew Carson - Paradise Valley, Arizona

Pamela has only almost been arrested in Arizona, thanks to an indiscreet Playboy photo shoot on Route Lives in Scottsdale Meadowlark Lemon, George Gordon Battle Liddy, The "G" man, as syndicated talk radio listeners may know him, did not personally bring down the Presidency of Richard M. Nixon, but he masterminded the Watergate burglary which brought national attention to corruption at the White House. Treated somewhere in Arizona.

On his show, Friday, October 11, , Rush announced that he was leaving the microphone for 30 days to seek immediate treatment for his addiction to prescription pain drugs. According to N. Post sources, the place that the highest paid talk show host in radio history would be receiving treatment was the pricy Sierra Tucson addiction treatment facility. According to a waiter at Scottsdale's China Gate restaurant, Nils is a frequent guest at the restaurant, and Bruce Springsteen has been a guest annually. Bruce orders vegetarian. Honeymooned in Oatman Carole Lombard, c. The newlyweds honeymooned in Oatman at the Oatman Hotel.

The original reality television show was broadcast on PBS in The series, An American Family, followed the Loud family as the flamboyant older son came out of the closet, and the Loud marriage disintegrated. Kevin, the second oldest of the Loud's 5 children, eventually made his way to Arizona. She is credited with warning a disbelieving FBI about a potential the attack on Pearl Harbor, and later being the first to discover the Russian missiles in Cuba. She retired to Arizona.

Treated in Wickenburg Elle Macpherson, Eleanor Nancy Gow, Supermodel Elle Macpherson reportedly spent a month at The Meadows in Wickenburg for treatment of post-natal depression following the birth of her second child, a son named Aurelius Cy Andre, in February Had a home on the shores of Lake Mead Lee Majors, Photo by dalekhelen. Harvey Lee Yeary, Formed in Phoenix For much of his short life 7 year old Chris Geicius had dreamed of becoming a police officer.

He was outfitted in his own police uniform, flew in a helicopter and rode in a patrol car. He even got to write tickets for jaywalking pedestrians. When his official duties end, he was quoted as saying, "This has been the best day of my life. Just five days later, leukemia took his life. He was given a police funeral with full honors, and was buried in his police uniform.

Chris had his wish granted because of a few warm hearted Arizona DPS officers who learned of Chris' illness and his dream. The reaction to this first wish lead to the granting of other wishes to critically ill children, and to the formation of the non-profit Make-A-Wish Foundation in October, Initially intended to serve only the Phoenix area, the organization grew rapidly as people all across the country asked how they could help terminally ill children around the nation realize their wishes.

Alvin Morris, 3. They were divorced within 3 years. He married dancer Cyd Charisse in , to whom he was still married when she died in Lived in Phoenix where he slept with his dead wife for 11 years Frank Alvarado Martinez, c. On the morning of Wednesday, June 10, , 67 year old Frank Alvarado Martinez entered the Whataburger fast food restaurant across the street from the trailer park where he lived since He proceeded to the restroom at the back of the restaurant and locked the door behind him.

Lived in Catalina Mountains outside Tucson. A perennial tough guy, Lee Marvin appeared in more than 70 films between and He broadened his roles becoming a police detective in the TV series M Squad , and won an Oscar for a dual role as a drunken gunfighter and his evil brother in the Western comedy Cat Ballou He followed this triumph with an unfortunate appearance in the musical Paint Your Wagon By the time of the palimony suit, Lee had married Pamela Feeley, a sweetheart from his past.

Pamela was six years his junior and still in high school. Lee left his hometown and his girlfriend to pursue an acting career. In Pamela was visiting California where Lee lived. The romance was rekindled after Lee learned of her visit and invited her to dinner. On October 18, , they were married.

In , Pamela made her first trip to Arizona when she accompanied her husband to the location where he and co-star Paul Newman were filming Pocket Money Pamela fell in love with Arizona, and in the couple purchased a home in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains outside Tucson. The home was designed by Tucson's most recognizable architect, Josias Joesler. Lee Marvin suffered a heart attack and died in Tucson in They made their first appearance in Stars and Stripes, a publication produced by and for servicemen.

Married in Yuma. Ezemiel Mayer, Movie magnate Louis B. Mayer and his intended, Lorena L. Danker, traveled to Yuma in December, to be married. They intended to keep the wedding quiet, but the press got word of the event and followed them to their lodgings at the Coronado Motel at S. Fourth Avenue. The marriage, Mayer's second, lasted until his death. Senator present , U. Born in the Panama Canal Zone, John McCain shares the headstrong, blunt, maverick traits of his father and grandfather, who were the first father and son four star Admirals in the U.

Attended University of Arizona. Died at her Catalina Mountain ranch. Linda Louise Eastman, Linda was born in New York City. She attended the University of Arizona, studying art history and geology. Her first husband, geophysicist John Melvin See, still lives in Tucson. In , after her divorce, she went to London where she became known for her photographs of rock celebrities. In , one of her subjects was Beatle Paul McCartney. A year later they were married. There the couple and their children found the privacy that eluded them in more metropolitan areas.

A neighbor reported that the McCartneys typically resided in their tin roofed, sand colored stucco home in the spring and fall. The neighbors, used to celebrity residents like Robert Mitchum and Lee Marvin, treated them like any other resident. The couple's devotion to each other was apparent even in the tabloids. During their nearly 30 year marriage, they were apart only 11 days--while Paul was in jail in Japan on pot charges. When Linda's breast cancer was in its terminal stage, the couple returned to the ranch where she died in Contrary to popular belief, the first McDonald's franchise, and the first McDonald's to feature the infamous golden arches was located not in California, nor in Illinois.

McFarlane, Todd. Lives in Phoenix Ahwatukee An emigrant from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Todd is famous in comic circles for the drastic redesign of Spider-Man and other characters, and for the creation of the comic super-hero, Spawn. McGreevey, James. Treated in Wickenburg McVeigh, Timothy. Lived in Kingman This country's most notorious home grown terrorist took up residence in Kingman, Arizona, where he plotted to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City. And, blow it up, he did. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. McVeigh walked way from the truck, and at AM the truck exploded destroying the front of the building and killing people including 19 children.

Means, Russell. Lived outside Litchfield. Graduated from Arizona State University. She would also be the last Miss America to hold the title after getting married. Learning from her brief, unhappy marriage, she urged pageant officials to amend the rules so that Miss America would not be permitted marry and continue to hold the title. She married fellow Arizona State student Dick Curran. Later he became advertising executive. They had two children. In college George Mikan demonstrated how much more adeptly a 6'10" player can put a 9" ball through an 18" hoop mounted 10' above the floor than players a foot or so closer to the ground.

Playing professionally for the Chicago Gears and the Minneapolis Lakers , he became the game's first superstar. The superstar moved to Scottsdale around He died just days short of his 81st birthday at the Life Care Center of Scottsdale following a struggle with diabetes and kidney ailments. Witness at a coroner's inquest. When Sarah Miles was filming the movie The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing near Gila Bend, she became fodder for the tabloids when her younger paramour was found dead in the motel room they shared.

Ann Miller danced her way to stardom and in retirement became a halftime resident of Sedona. As a spiritualist who dabbled in psychic phenomena and astrology--she believed that she was Queen Hathshepsut of Egypt in a former life--she was well suited for a community situated in a spiritual vortex. In , the water pipes in her Sedona home burst flooding the downstairs which was filled with priceless antiques. Her Spanish style mansion in Beverly Hills suffered no such indignity. Born in Nogales. Charles Mingus, Charlie Mingus was a famous jazz musician who appeared as himself in five movies and one TV mini series, most of which were about his life.

In , he was featured in a U. He played his last concert in Phoenix, Arizona just before diagnosis of the illness which claimed his life. His ashes were scattered in the Ganges River, India. For nearly 40 years police have been reading suspects their rights because of a landmark United States Supreme Court case, Miranda v. That case had its origins in an interrogation room of the Phoenix Police Department.

Had a home near Scottsdale. Robert Charles Durman Mitchum, In addition to his home in Montecito, California, where he died, Mitchum had a home near Scottsdale, and was a frequent visitor to Tucson. Died outside Florence. Thomas E. Mix, Tom Mix was a huge star of silent movie Westerns.

He appeared in feature films, directing of them. After the advent of talking movies, he appeared in only nine features, and he moved on to appearances in rodeos and circuses. Mix was a pioneer of the action movie, keeping himself in top physical condition and performing his own dare-devil stunts. Lois Darlington Dowling, The movie Transatlantic was the feature at the grand opening of the Phoenix Fox Theater on July 30, It starred the Irish beauty Lois Moran in one of her last screen roles. Her prolific though brief screen career was followed with greater fame came as the inspiration for F.

Scott Fitzgerald's character "Rosemary" in his novel, Tender is the Night. The two had an affair when the he was a screenwriter in Hollywood. In , after conquering Broadway in two lead singing roles, she retired from acting and married the much older Clarence M. Young, who had been the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics in the Hoover administration Sep 6 The most-visited national parks in Aug Recent posts about Scottsdale, Arizona on our local forum with over 2,, registered users.

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Cathedral of Saint Augustine

Indian Community's police department, just outside of Scottsdale , where he worked for five years. The tribe put him on administrative leave for unknown reasons in early , and he resigned two weeks later. Unnamed former phoenixnewtimes. Bayley Construction, the Scottsdale general contractor of the project, informed Petersen it expects to have the renovation completed Nov. This city: Paradise Valley, AZ 2.

Salt River, AZ 2. Fountain Hills, AZ 3. Phoenix, AZ 3. Tempe, AZ 3. Mesa, AZ 3.

Paradise Valley Arizona History - Real Estate In Phoenix, Arizona

Rio Verde, AZ 3. Carefree, AZ 4. Property values in Scottsdale, AZ. Here: 3. Health care Professional, scientific, technical services Other management occupations, except farmers and farm managers 8. Other management occupations, except farmers and farm managers Other management occupations, except farmers and farm managers 6. Air pollution and air quality trends lower is better.

City: U. City: 0. City: City: 7. Services: enclosed waiting area, public restrooms, public payphones, full-service food facilities, paid short-term parking, paid long-term parking, car rental agency, taxi stand, intercity bus service, public transit connection. Services: public payphones, call for taxi service. Services: ticket office, enclosed waiting area, public restrooms, public payphones, vending machines, free short-term parking, paid long-term parking, taxi stand. Local government website: www. LONGMORE; 21, books ; audio materials ; 1, video materials ; 39 state licensed databases ; 36 print serial subscriptions ; 4 electronic serial subscriptions.

User-submitted facts and corrections: Radio Station addition: Average household size: This city: 2. Percentage of family households: This city: Percentage of households with unmarried partners: This city: 6. Arenas or stadiums: Equidome Arena. Capacity: 6, Tucson Convention Center. Capacity: 9, Wells Fargo Bank, National Association: 25 branches. Education Gini index Inequality in education Here: 9. Number of grocery stores : This county : 1. State : 1. Number of supercenters and club stores : 60 Maricopa County : 0. State : 0. Number of convenience stores no gas : This county : 0.