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How do I enable Single-QR entry for guests of my building? See all 7 articles. Store Home. Games Games. Software Software. Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. Combine arcane ingredients into a boiling cauldron and unleash creative or destructive wizardry upon a fully interactive world. All Reviews:. Aldin Dynamics. Popular user-defined tags for this product:.

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Share Embed. Notice: Requires a virtual reality headset. See the VR Support section for more info. VR Only. Add to Cart. Combine arcane ingredients into a boiling cauldron with the help of an ancient spirit trapped in a human skull. Unleash creative or destructive wizardry upon a fully interactive virtual world.

Travel to new places, finding yourself in mysterious circumstances full of detail and unforgettable atmosphere. Extended Edition Details Over the years we have received many requests for content updates to the original Waltz of the Wizard thank you! Sisko insists that he cannot really pass judgment on him because he was not there during the Occupation, nor did he witness the matters with which Dukat had to struggle day after day. The Kira hallucination warns Dukat that Sisko does not want to tell him the truth because it would upset him.

Sisko watches as Dukat talks over his shoulder at the air, realizing that Dukat is delusional and hallucinating. Dukat believes that Sisko is not being entirely honest, pointing out that he's not a man who hesitates to make snap judgments when the situation calls for it. Sisko tells Dukat he is right about being judged unfairly, that he himself judged Dukat unfairly, and that he probably had good reasons for everything he did on Bajor. Dukat agrees with Sisko, and claims that some of his harsher acts were forced upon on him by Central Command. He then explains to Sisko that he wanted to use entirely different tactics with the Bajorans , that he wished to have ruled with "a softer hand.

Dukat eagerly agrees with this assessment only to be laughed at by Kira, who calls him a fool and tells him he is being patronized, for which Dukat yells at her. Sisko manages to return Dukat's attention to himself, suggesting that they ignore Kira and pretend she is not there. As the Defiant picks up a distress signal and beams up two additional Honshu survivors who turn out not to be Sisko and Dukat , Dukat wildly fires his phaser at his hallucination of Kira.

Dukat later discovers Sisko's hidden fork and notices one of its missing tines, concluding after he checks the transmitter that Sisko must have repaired the unit behind his back. Outraged, Dukat destroys the transmitter, cutting the signal the Defiant picked up moments earlier, and from the debris of the transmitter he dislodges a metal bar, which he uses to attack Sisko.

Despite subspace interference over the viewscreen , Kira reminds Worf he must follow his original orders to end their search soon so they can assist the troop convoy in the Badlands. Both Doctor Bashir and Miles O'Brien disagree with the Major's orders, trying to pretend they are unable to understand the message through the interference. Worf and Dax however know full well what Kira was trying to tell them, and Worf feels that ignoring the orders would be dishonorable.

When Bashir openly remarks that he doesn't consider Worf's honor to be worth Captain Sisko's life, Worf dismisses him from the bridge and orders helm to lay in a course for the third planet and continue their search for the remaining time. Sisko awakens with his head bleeding to see Dukat standing over him wiping blood from a metal pole in his grasp. Dukat tells Sisko that he brought the damage upon himself, with the groggy captain making a mention of victims that must have suffered as he has. Dukat begins to name all the things he has been called, sarcastically calling Sisko the " supreme arbiter of right and wrong in the universe.

Sisko takes Dukat up on his challenge and begins a fierce barrage of questions — true and false, of Dukat's role in the Occupation. The murder of over five million Bajorans on his watch is Dukat's responsibility.

Dukat adamantly claims otherwise, explaining that he tried to save lives during his administration. Sisko then demands evidence.

Tango etcetera: tango, waltz, fusion, blues…

Dukat says the Occupation had already been going on for almost 40 years, but the planet was not ready for full-scale colonization. He tells Sisko that Central Command wanted the situation resolved and they didn't care how it was done. Dukat reminds Sisko that he wanted to use " a gentler hand " when dealing with the Bajorans — reducing the output quotas by fifty percent. Dukat begins to list admirable orders he gave during his tenure, for acts such as reorganizing the camps, abolishing child labor, improving medical care, and increasing food rations, for which as a result the death rate decreased by twenty percent.

Dukat also explains that he had reason to punish the Bajorans as well: on his anniversary, an orbital drydock was blown up, killing over two hundred Cardassians. He explains that he then rounded up two hundred Bajoran Resistance members and executed them, claiming this retaliation was for the sake of justice rather malevolence.

Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition on Steam

He goes on to mention that he also executed several more Bajorans in retaliation for a failed assassination attempt. As Dukat continues his stories, his hallucinations of Weyoun, Damar, and Kira each support every statement in their own sardonic manner. When Dukat asks Sisko if he understands what he's saying, Sisko pretends to have been moved by his stories and posits that what happened to the Bajorans was not Dukat's fault but their own.

Dukat eagerly agrees with Sisko's empty revelation as Sisko plays along, asking Dukat why the Bajorans failed to appreciate the kinder and gentler oversight he offered them. Dukat insists that the Bajorans were small-minded, ignorant fools, that the Cardassians were clearly the superior race, and they did not choose to be so — fate handed them that role.

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At the height of his furious insanity, Dukat now confesses his hatred for the Bajorans and everything about them, from their religion and their Bajoran earrings to their " broken, wrinkled noses. Sisko, still playing along, suggests to Dukat that maybe he should have killed them all.

Dukat agrees with this assessment quite enthusiastically, proclaiming he should have " turned their planet into a graveyard the likes of which the galaxy has never seen! Sisko finds his way to the shuttle through a sandstorm , discovering that it is still operational. As Sisko is about to depart, however, Dukat attacks Sisko and a fight ensues.

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Dukat then forces Sisko out into the sandstorm while brandishing a phaser. Before Dukat departs, he thanks Sisko for their time together, promising they will not be seeing each other for awhile, and vowing " from this day forward, Bajor is dead! All of Bajor! It is finally time for the Defiant to leave the system in order to rendezvous with the troop convoy. As Worf orders the course set, the ship suddenly receives a hail from Gul Dukat, who lets the crew know where Captain Sisko is located. Dax awakens Sisko, reporting that she notified Starfleet of Dukat's last known position and insisting that they'll find him.

Sisko disagrees about the possibility of his capture and begins to discuss life, about how it seems complicated and that it sometimes appears everything is a shade of gray, that there is nothing truly good or evil. He then explains to Dax that after spending some time with Dukat, he has come to realize there that there is truly unambiguous evil. Dax points out that realizing the truth is one thing, but doing something about it is another.

Sisko then makes clear what he is going to do about it; he makes a vow to stop Dukat from destroying Bajor. I want to thank you for that; it was very generous. It was a pleasure to have her with us, even if it was only a short time. Starfleet's, or the Dominion's? Whoever gets here first will find one comrade in arms, and one prisoner. That's fair, isn't it? Now look at us. I'm free, and you're a prisoner of your own battered body and there's a good chance we'll be rescued by the Dominion.

You've got to laugh at a universe that allows such radical shifts in fortune, Benjamin. It always comes back to that, doesn't it? All my crimes.

I'm such a monster, such an evil man.