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So maybe some people don't need a car that last longer but the lower end of the pay scale drives around in everyone's old used cars so we could definitely benefit from it.

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Cars last only , miles because of mechanical wear, corrosion where salt is used on the roads, and ever increasing number of electronic components, which fail due to heat exposure, wear, and vibration. Many rubber hoses and fluid seals start to fail mainly from exposure to high engine heat.

Tacoma with 1.2 Million Miles! The World’s Most Famous Tacoma

Today's cars are highly complex electro-mechanical rolling computer systems. Transmissions are so complex that highly trained specialists are needed to repair and rebuild them. That makes repair too costly, once the engines and transmissions begin to malfunction due to failure of some electronic parts or seals.

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The trend to increasing complexity is a result of higher government fuel efficiency standards. The cars need to be lighter, so cheap, failure prone plastic is used where metal used to be used. Plastic and rubber deteriorate when exposed to engine heat. Electric cars are simpler, with far fewer moving parts to wear and fail. The more complex a machine is, the more things there are to fail.

Moving mechanical parts wear, and always eventually fail. Electronic components can last for decades, and are generally easier to change when they do fail. An electric car could last for 40 years, or more, with only tires and some suspension parts needing replacement.

Man drives record 3 million miles in the same 1966 Volvo

Many people don't drive a million miles in their lifetime, so one, well painted car could last them a lifetime with a change of seats and carpets, which could be standardized with respect to attachment points to the vehicle. It would only take an hour for a couple of people to pop out the worn seats and carpets, and pop in the new ones. Burning fuel is red hot, and dirty. Electric motors are clean an virtually vibration free. Only the bearings on the ends of the rotor shaft might need to be changed. But it they were made as well as they could be, they might make it to a million miles, maybe even two million.

If they can make a battery that will last a million miles, and last 20 years, the internal combustion car is doomed. In 30 years, they will have joined the dinosaurs. First Name.

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Million-Mile Club: The World's Longest-Lived Cars

Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Man's Honda Accord hits 1 million miles. Updated: By: Kate Streit, Simplemost. She specialises in writing about new technology, as well as using her technical skills in managing our websites. Bridie Schmidt.

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