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But while such displays often come with laudable intentions and good advice, they could actually put women in danger. The video offers some sound tips — it encourages women to be aware of their surroundings, use their voice or scream as a weapon and run in a zig-zag manner whenever possible.

The emergency self-defence techniques are correctly executed. She is most likely a SHIELD practitioner who makes the moves look simple, effective and readily applied regardless of size and strength. But unless the viewer is prepared to invest plenty of time and training this is probably not the best advice. Simple techniques are difficult to apply under real-life pressure, where there are limited chances to slip, strike or run. And attackers often behave in unpredictable ways. Even in self-defence classes, demonstrations tend to be given with compliant partners — as is clearly the case in the Buzzfeed video.

You can see that the assailant pauses briefly following the attacks and uses singular rather than multiple attacking movements. There is evidence to suggest that determined people can often absorb powerful strikes, even to sensitive areas, and may continue attacks regardless of injury or pain — especially if they have consumed drugs, alcohol or are experienced fighters themselves. Even strikes to the face or groin might not halt an attack, unless they inflict considerable pain and damage. Striking ineffectually carries a big risk, because it leaves you within range of the attacker — and because striking an aggressor turns the confrontation into a fight.

Attacks are usually fast and committed, and attackers do not normally freeze when executing a move. A grab from behind can transition to a takedown, while a hair grasp might be accompanied with strikes, kicks or shoves. When people are put into locks, they generally resist, struggle, shift their weight to gain leverage, kick out or use a free hand. It is imperative for women to do so; they should not have to feel the way that so many of them do.

Self-defense offers so many benefits to anybody, but in particular it can be extremely beneficial for women to learn how to defend themselves. Many people only attribute physical benefits to self-defense, when in fact; the majority of the benefits are actually mental. Women would benefit from learning the proper techniques to defend themselves so that they can gain confidence. Not just confidence in defending themselves, but in every aspect of their life.

8 Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Needs to Know

Assume you are an average American woman; you are a student in college. Women these days have to go to class with the fear of men harassing them, bothering them, and potentially harming them. A college woman may be scared to go to class, but she will still always go, she may be scared to go out and have a drink or go to the club, but she will still go, why?

Because it is unfair for them to feel this way in the first place and women refuse to let fear lead their lives. Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the fact that this is a common feeling among women. So instead of being scared in your day to day life, you can find comfort through education in self-defense.

Simple Self Defense Moves You Should Know

A college woman may be much more confident and fearless in her day to day life if she has the ability to defend herself against a potential criminal. If a woman knows how to use her body to the best of her ability the level of fear associated with day to day activities will dissipate.

Listen to your gut and use common sense

Any woman can gain confidence from self-defense, a mother, a working woman, a student, and younger ladies. Check out this video below showing some self-defense techniques for women. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of women learning self-defense is the fact that they feel empowered. It can be life altering to find the empowerment that martial arts and self-defense can provide.

Self-defense expert Jennifer Cassetta discusses running and situational awareness in this CNN article in which she also offers seven running safety tips. The page also begins with a video. Krav Maga is a fighting technique that women of all sizes can use to protect themselves against an attack. This article discusses learning Krav Maga as a self-defense technique.

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In this article, teens can read about ways to protect themselves from predators. This video and interview discuss and illustrate how to break free when put in a chokehold by an assailant. Open this link to watch a Fox News video on how to escape a potential attacker.

The page also discusses self-defense. Watch a Krav Maga demonstration by an expert self-defense instructor by clicking on this link. On the Street and Other Places.

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Read how to stay aware and safe when walking on the street or when out running by clicking on this link. On this page, site visitors can read the five tips given by a woman who was able to fight off her attacker.

Women's Health: Self Defense Tips

Predators often look for an opportunity to catch their victims when they are unaware. This article discusses ways to stay aware and safe when walking alone. This newsletter article discusses situational awareness and provides tips on how to be more aware. This site gives advice on how one can choose the right class for them. This article briefly discusses its importance in relation to safety.

This page has a list of ways that people can be more aware of their surroundings while on the streets and in public to reduce their risk of becoming a victim.

A Self Defense Pro On Training Girls To Kick The Crap Out Of Attackers

Learn about the principles of self-defense and discover the three defense moves everyone should know by clicking on this link. Teen and adult women can click this link for valuable advice on what to do if they are the victim of a kidnapping attempt. Safe and Proud: Self-Defense Tips.

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