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Vick "The Reaper" Harwood is an esteemed sniper with a record kill count - 33 kills in 90 days - when he is knocked out under mortar attack in Afghanistan. He wakes up back in the United States with little memory of what happened, his spotter and gun both unrecovered from the battlefield. Harwood has resigned himself to slowly picking up the pieces of his life. But when a series of assassinations start occurring in the area, Harwood can't explain why he just happens to be nearby for each killing - or how a sniper rifle that matches the description of the one he lost seems to be involved.

Southern Afghanistan was slipping away. That was clear to then-Captain Rusty Bradley as he began his third tour of duty there in The Taliban and their allies were infiltrating everywhere, poised to reclaim Kandahar Province, their strategically vital onetime capital.

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The battlefield was the Panjwayi Valley, a densely packed warren of walled compounds that doubled neatly as enemy bunkers. In the predawn hours of March 4, , just below the 10,foot peak of a mountain in eastern Afghanistan, a fierce battle raged. Chapman, leading the charge, was gravely wounded in the initial assault. Believing he was dead, his SEAL leader ordered a retreat. Chapman regained consciousness, alone with the enemy closing in on three sides, beginning the most difficult and exceptional fight of his life.

They relish the opportunity to fight. In this hilarious and personal memoir, listeners ride shotgun alongside former Army Ranger and private military contractor and current social media phenomenon Mat Best, into the action and its aftermath, both abroad and at home. Way of the Reaper is a step-by-step accounting of how a sniper works, through the lens of Irving's 10 most significant kills - none of which have been told before.

Each mission is an in-depth look at a new element of eliminating the enemy, from intel to luck, recon to weaponry. Told in a thrilling narrative, this is also a heart-pounding true story of some of the Reaper's boldest missions, including the longest shot of his military career on a human target of over half a mile. Eventually, of the 18 snipers in ST6, Wasdin became the best—which meant one of the best snipers on the planet. The mission: capture or kill Somalian warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid. From rooftops, helicopters, and alleys, Wasdin hunted Aidid and killed his men whenever possible.

The Battle of Mogadishu, as it became known, left 18 American soldiers dead and 73 wounded. Howard Wasdin had both of his legs nearly blown off while engaging the enemy. This book intrigued me because it really puts you into the psychology of the sniper. Its easy to have preconceptions about jobs like that of a sniper or SEALS in general or team 6 in particular, if you've read certain other books about it and I found this book to be pretty enlightening as to the human side and the psychology of them.

Listening to him talk about realizing the humanity of the enemy, for example, and making real choices about how to best control intensely hostile situations really gives an appreciation for the life of an operator in combat. Great book about overcoming adversity. I highly recommend this. Yes and I have. I have listened to it probably 3 times already. I thoroughly enjoy the narrator and his nuances throughout the book. What did you like best about this story?

The training element that Mr. Wasdin went through. Also the end of the book when he talks about how selfish he had been through his life and alienated not only his wife, but his children and others who loved him. He made it sound just like it was Mr. Wasdin himself telling the story. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? There are parts that you laugh at his humor, but cry when he is injured and has to be transported for medical care and then eventually back to the states. One could feel how much he enjoyed being a part of.

Any additional comments? I would highly recommend this book for listening or reading. The listening experience is so much more poignant though. I started listening to this book yesterday morning and barely turned it off before completing the first six hours. The story of the making of an elite Navy Seal was gripping. The reader was pleasant to listen to and even did accents for some of the the different non-American players in the story. From five years old to "retirement" from the Seals, the author tells a gripping tale of the high-stakes world of the elite Navy Seals.

I could not put the "book" down - the memoir was well written, felt honest, gripping and made me realize again, that without courageous men like our army, or christian men and women , or strong women believing in causes, and fighting for them, we all would not be were are now. The book leads you in an unseen world and without disclosing everything you feel that you understand the mind and the honor and sense of duty of the sniper.

I haven't read any other books like this, it's my first one. Got it for husband who is in Afghanistan, and because it was daily deal - would have gladly given a credit for it. Which character — as performed by Ray Porter — was your favorite? I enjoyed Howard the most - what a tough guy, what perseverance. Porter did a great job reading the book.

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Very manly and military like! Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Yes, and I almost did Worth a credit - and thanks to all citizens of the free world that fight for us. We suffered more than just the lost of life with the helicopter crash Aug 6, but a loss of heart Isn't that what you want? This is a fascinating look at a career the vast majority of us simply couldn't do. The author seems interested in exploring his own psychology, and recognizes he has done something highly unusual in becoming a Seal Team member.

So, he has the self-awareness to write about his experiences in a meaningful way. I was pretty impressed. I downloaded this book, mostly for my husband. We were headed on a 4-hour drive on a vacation trip. The book started out to be really interesting.


Unexpectedly, I got sucked into the story, though I usually listen to historical novels or mysteries. That says a LOT. My husband, having worked with Navy Seals, enjoyed the way the author shares his humorous and yet very serious stories about his training. Once he began to share the story of his mission in Mogadishu, I was riveted to learn more about this very sad chapter in our history. I found myself getting angry all over how the political mess that caused these people to suffer so much.

Then, the storyline went flat. I felt as though Howard had just scratched the surface of what I thought could have been a more compelling story. I won't give the ending away, but suffice it to say that it's not what I had expected. Like many such vessels, it had minimal armor and armament and was a prime target for German U-boats.

For safety, such ships would travel in a convoy. Life aboard ships such as Dorchester could be pretty miserable for the ground pounders being transited through the North Atlantic.

Quarters were hot, cramped and dank. Worse still there was nothing to do for entertainment.

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A ship that during peacetime carried passengers now carried nearly three times that many. The young men aboard ship thus had little to do but miss the comforts of home while coming to terms with the reality they were headed off to war. They also organized a talent contest to serve as a distraction. The weather turned rough on February 2nd, causing the cancellation of the talent show. The Coast Guard had seen a U-boat on sonar, so they knew they were in dangerous waters.

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  • The weather cleared enough in the evening for the chaplains to organize an impromptu party in the main mess. The troops, most of them below decks, started to panic. The torpedo hit amidship, well below the water line. Dozens died in the initial explosion, the inrush of frigid water killed dozens more. Fully a third of the men who died did so in the first few moments of the torpedo attack. Taking charge of the troops, the chaplains tried to bring order and calm to the men. Tending to the wounded and guiding the men out to the deck, they began passing out life jackets to the soldiers after finding a locker.

    The supply ran out before all the men had one. The Four Chaplains each took their own jackets off and passed them to the next troops in line. The chaplains then helped as many men onto lifeboats as they could. Private William B. I could also hear the chaplains preaching courage. Their voices were the only thing that kept me going.

    Mahoney from returning to his quarters. As the ship sank beneath the waves, with their mission complete, unable to save any more men or even themselves, the four men of God linked arms, prayed, and sang hymns in their final moments.

    24th michigan battle flag

    The flares had lighted everything. The bow came up high and she slid under. The last thing I saw, the Four Chaplains were up there praying for the safety of the men. They had done everything they could. I did not see them again. They themselves did not have a chance without their life jackets. The survivors all told similar tales about one or more of the chaplains. They seemed to be everywhere on the deck of the stricken ship. Survivors reported hearing the chaplains, in their final moments, saying Jewish prayers in Hebrew and Catholic prayers in Latin in addition to English.

    The ship sunk in only 27 minutes after the torpedo hit. Of the men aboard that night, only survived. When additional rescue ships arrived, they described hundreds of bodies in the water, being kept at the surface by their life jackets. Back home, before leaving, Chaplain Poling had asked his father the minister and former military chaplain to pray for him. Just pray that I shall do my duty…never be a coward…and have the strength, courage and understanding of men.

    Just pray that I shall be adequate. In , Congress voted to authorize the President to posthumously honor the Four Chaplains with an appropriate medal. This is a distinct medal, the only one ever awarded went to the Four Chaplains. They have also been commemorated on stamps, chapels, sculptures, memorial foundations, and in stained glass. The memorials to the bravery of the Immortal Chaplains are too numerous to list.

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    On the night of 3 February , the U. Dorchester, a loaded troop transport, was torpedoed without warning by an enemy submarine in the North Atlantic and began to sink rapidly. In the resulting confusion and darkness some men found themselves without life jackets and others became helpless through fear and the dread of plunging into the freezing water. After the available supply of life jackets was exhausted they gave up their own and remained aboard ship and went down with it, offering words of encouragement and prayers to the last. The statute reads as follows: Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President is authorized to award posthumously appropriate medals and certificates to Chaplain George L.

    Washington of Arlington, New Jersey, in recognition of the extraordinary heroism displayed by them when they sacrificed their lives in the sinking of the troop transport Dorchester in the North Atlantic in by giving up their life preservers to other men aboard such transport. The medals and certificates authorized by this Act shall be in such form and of such design as shall be prescribed by the President, and shall be awarded to such representatives of the aforementioned chaplains as the President may designate. Category : Army , Guest Post , Valor.

    Fox, Chaplain Alexander D. Goode, Chaplain Clark V. Poling and Chaplain John P.