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I slid to the last text, one that stopped me short. I stared at the text from the unknown number, wondering if it possible to be the wrong number, the wrong Elijah. My dad was a strong, willful, old man. It was midnight, after midnight.

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Who would send such a text so late? Is this how I wanted to start my year? I hit the number above the text, and held the phone to my ear. I thought you knew.

He never called, but then again, neither did I. Coming back from overseas, I made Florida my home, never planning on going back to Hawaii, ever. You are the next of kin, and he did have you named in his last will and testament, even though it was never properly filed. No thanks. My head was spinning. My father was sick? Battling cancer? For years? I reached into my cooler, grabbed another beer, and stared up at the sky. Smoke still lingered from the sparks, but no more bright colors remained. My father was dead.

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The house, my childhood home, was now mine to do with as I wished. To do with as I wish. Burn it? Alcohol was still flowing in my veins thicker than blood, and it was nearly noon. Thoughts of my dad caused me to drink too much, and passing out on the back deck with the cool Miami winter air had left my joints aching. I pulled off my t-shirt and headed down the steps towards the beach. A few people were laying out, another couple walked the shoreline looking for shells, but other than that, it was quiet, empty, peaceful. My feet hit the warm sand, my weight pushing it between my toes as I took each step.

Once I reached the flattened, damp sand, I took off running, stretching out every damn muscle in my body. It hurt like hell, but felt familiar and comfortable, somehow soothing. Long runs during training nearly brought tears to my eyes in the beginning. This is what it felt like being stretched like one of those rubber wrestling dolls I had as a kid. Another Chance. Kathy Clark. Safe Haven.

SEAL Brotherhood Boxed Set No. 1

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