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We are very pleased to note how much you enjoyed the rooms, the view, the staff, the boat trips and the informal atmosphere! We are glad that you also enjoyed the food in the restaurant. Apologies about the pineapple and the prawns, your comments have been relayed to the kitchen staff. The complexities of importing perishables and vegetables to our remote island means that not everything on our menu will always be available.

Very little food can be sourced locally. For fish and crab, which are locally sourced and are always served fresh by us, we have to depend upon our local suppliers who are, at times, unreliable for a range of reasons. We are constantly looking for the best solutions to these logistical and supplier related problems. We have taken note of your comments about the room cleanliness and shared your comments with the housekeeping staff, apologies for those shortcomings.

I am sorry if the insects present on the island disturbed you at all. I can assure you that we have already tried the insect "zapping" machines that you recommend and they have proved to be very ineffective - new insects appear just as quickly as old ones get zapped! Providencia is a tropical island full of rainforest, insect life does increase during the rainy season when you visited. There is very little we can do about this other than undertake frequent fumigations, which we do, with limited effect. We have recently been carrying out maintenance work on our septic tanks, this occasional maintenance work is required to ensure their optimum functioning.

I am very sorry if you were inconvenienced by this work. We are very glad that you enjoyed your stay! Thank you for the recommendations, we will certainly take them into consideration, unfortunately some of the issues you raise are beyond our control! Kind regards, Christopher feedback hoteldeepblue. I am very pleased to learn of your positive experience and interactions with our characterful neighbour Betito, for the avoidance of doubt I would like to point out that he is not a member of our staff, though he does frequently offer his boat excursions to our clients.

From the moment you touch down in the tiny propeller plane on providencia island you reach a different level of relaxation. The hotel deep blue is a short taxi away everywhere is. It takes less than 30 mins to drive around the whole island When we arrived at the hotel we had to wait a short time for our room; not a problem we headed down to the cute little dock owned by the hotel where we had breakfast looking out to sea and then lay out on sun loungers in perfect heat.

The rooms are well designed and spacious and ours had an incredible sea view. Lovely big shower and a king sized comfy bed. What more can you ask for. There is a very small infinity rooftop pool which is up on the roofs of the rooms giving more amazing views of the sea and big enough to cool you down in the heat. We only ate in the restaurant for one night as there are so many cute local restaurants on the island that we wanted to try.

We also had very good breakfasts there everyday. Staff are helpful and you can arrange most activities thought them - we hired a quad bike from them for the time we were there you need one to get round the island and it was cheaper than elsewhere. We also took advantage of the free canoes. Overall an incredible experience that we would nightly recommend and we would go back there in a heartbeat.

Getting here is a bit challenging. We found a non-stop flight from Cartegena to San Andres. Most flights from anywhere in Colombia go through Bogota first, turning a half day trip into a full day. Also, on paper the catamaran from San Andres to Providencia looked like the obvious choice in terms of both time and money. However, we were unlucky with sea conditions heading to Prividencia and had ft waves head into the wind for the first 3 hours. This slowed the boat and made for a non-stop roller coaster ride of almost 5 hours.

Half the boat suffered technical yawns. The crew was very kind in helping those in distress. The downwind ride back to San Andres in foot seas was quite pleasurable however. While we survived the ride in with gut fauna intact, it was tiring and emotionally draining. This is one place where Deep Blue fell down. We arrived, we had to wait for help with our bags, and the hostess was not very considerate. Seemed that all she wanted to do was get her job over with.

She immediately started hammering us for all the necessary details, and then started shilling their for-hire excursions. I called for a time out and asked for rum drink or at least a beer, for which I would have gladly paid. They finally made a big deal of showing up with some fresh juice, sans rum.

Didn't help. It took a bit to quell the bad first impression, but the rooms were nice, the property well maintained and the view outstanding. The real turn-around was the Robinson Crusoe tour. It was anything but. Turned out to be more like a day in the life of a spear fishing native citizen. We even had a grey shark encounter diving with Alfonso, our spear fisherman.

Divine providence

Incredible snorkeling, a camp fire lunch of fresh fish and lobster that ranked as one of the most memorable of two weeks in Columbia. Probably a delusion on my part, but I would like to think we made friends with Alfonso and Albert, our guides. As a note to salt water fly fishermen, although half the island is engaged in fishing, it is for meat not sport an expensive Cartegena restaurant has tarpon on the menu.

Guides know where tarpon and bonefish can be found, but no clue how to catch them on the fly. I casted for many hours ahead of tarpon schools and single fish. Only one half hearted bump. Tried every color in my box. I should mention however that this was only my second attempt at targeting tarpon. The first one successfully included a knowledgeable guide. Took out one of the hotel kayaks for a morning of fly fishing see above.

Saw some large brown fish rolling in the flats. Getting closer to investigate, realized they were sharks! Gingerly backing away, I continued to the tarpon hole without incident. However on the way back a solo cruising 8 footer approached directly abeam and gave the yak a tail whack. SOP for sharks to stun prey.

Fortunately it didn't like the texture of plastic and didn't return to see if I had gone belly up. I learned later that they were nurse sharks, and not generally considered a threat to humans; unless you have a heart condition! The second most memorable meal in Colombia was at the on site restaurant. Great paella and original touches to the traditional menus. After only a day or two we began to feel assimilated, at least fractionally, into the community. People with whom we had interacted waved when they saw us in "town".

And we got local gossip from our favorite cab driver, Larry. Bepito encounters were also memorable. A skilled salesman and a colorful, impassioned character. A most pleasurable and memorable stay. Reviewing the pictures, it is clear our family was smiling with our entire faces from deep within, not just with our lips.

One of the foremost modern Thomists, Dominican father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange , wrote a study of providence entitled "Providence: God's loving care for man and the need for confidence in Almighty God. This term is an integral part of John Calvin 's theological framework known as Calvinism , which emphasizes the total depravity of man and the complete sovereignty of God. God's plan for the world and every soul that he has created is guided by his will or providence.

According to Calvin, the idea that man has free will and is able to make choices independently of what God has already determined is based on our limited understanding of God's perfection and the idea that God's purposes can be circumvented. In this mode of thought, providence is related to absolute free will. This concept remains prominent among many Protestant denominations that identify with Calvinism, the Reformed churches. In Lutheran theology, divine providence refers to God's preservation of creation , his cooperation with everything that happens, and his guiding of the universe.

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God concurs with an act's effect, but he does not cooperate in the corruption of an act or the evil of its effect. According to Martin Luther , divine providence began when God created the world with everything needed for human life, including both physical things and natural laws. Instead people should honor others, no matter how lowly, as being the means God uses to work in the world.

John Damascene describes it thus: 'Providence is Divine will which maintains everything and wisely rules over everything' It was not by chance that the iniquitous Israeli King Ahab was struck by an arrow that flew in between the seams of his armor. Truly that arrow was directed by the hand of God, just as was the one which struck Julian the Apostate; only for the soldier who let fly the arrow was it accidental.

It was not by chance that swallows flew into the home of Tobit and blinded the righteous man. Nothing happens by chance. It was not by chance that Christ met with the Samaritan woman at the well in Sychar and spoke with her. All this was foreseen and written down in the books of Divine Providence before the beginning of time.

Divine Providence is a book published by Emanuel Swedenborg in which describes his systematic theology regarding providence, free will, theodicy , and other related topics. Both meanings of providence are applicable in Swedenborg's theology, in that providence encompasses understanding, intent and action. Divine providence relative to man is 'foresight', and relative to the Lord is 'providence'.

These writings maintain that divine providence means that God is directing or even recreating every minute detail of creation. This analysis thus underpins much of Orthodox Judaism 's world view , particularly as regards questions of interaction with the natural world. There is little theological literature on the term providence in LDS studies.

As stated above, Reformed theology relates these terms to predestination, which does have more prominence in LDS theology , if only as a polemical term. One particular text that could be interpreted as being related to such terms is in the Book of Abraham. Thereafter, the AMEN-SD went from being the unitary banner for the movements to becoming just another movement; the most influential and radical of them, but a single voice among many discordant ones. The shift from autonomy to independence, despite being more symbolic than real, was regarded by a large part of activists as taking too long.

D, and Anon. This settlement was created by white men and Black slaves. Interview, Francis, Francis asserts that such an identity does not demonstrate any affinity with Colombia: It turns out that we had nothing to do with the independence struggles of the Spanish colonies. Interview, Francis, At this point, he briefly recounts the following story to us: [ … ] [T]he mother of the slave owner, Livingston, [being] an Archbold [one of the oldest Raizal surnames], ordered her son to free the slaves.

Why do I say he freed them as persons? And no instrument has property. Mister Livingston freed the instrument and made it a person again by giving him or her property. In other words, we have this land because the master delivered it to us: one gets out of slav- ery with a life, as a person, with plans, ideas for the future, freedom. A landowner. Interview, Francis, Francis, in his speech as one of the leaders of the AMEN-SD explaining the origins of the ethnic political movement to an outsider, was charting a complex narrative that linked Raizal claims with the anti-slavery actions of the founder of the First Baptist Church.

It is not a religious movement in its structure or claims, which argue for the protection of Raizal culture and a drastic solution to overpopulation the deportation of ille- gal residents. Nonetheless, various leaders are pastors the president also presides over the First Baptist Church , and the majority of activists are affiliated with a church.

We cite certain expressions taken from our interviews and field journal: What we want is what Colombia asked of Spain during the period of their independence. We reject violence; we are a Christian movement. We prefer to build our inde- pendence over the long term, even if that road is full of suffering, because they can kill our bodies, but our spirits remain intact.

E, denotes a use of local historical memory that is based on the construction of parallels and recursiveness, wherein the protagonists — explicitly or implicitly as the case may be — are the first Puritans, the first Baptists and the cur- rent Raizal activists. This is not an improper or arbitrary use of historical memory, even though the established historical nexuses are not always correct from a strictly factual point of view as, for instance, in the case of the notion of genetic ties between English Puritans and the present-day Raizals.

The cultural rather than religious accent that Price gives to his statement needs to be underscored, since the real crux of the issue is how and why religion has become so inextricably intertwined with ethnicity. As Reverend Livingston wrote: The social and commercial changes on the island from the year to this epoch have been marvellously great.

At that time, slavery existed and cotton was cultivated by slave labor.

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Some straggling coconut trees were in existence from which coconut oil was made and some tortoise shell was also taken. These were exchanged for clothing and other necessaries by the slave holders who were themselves comparatively poor [ … ]. As for the slaves and their children, I cannot conceive how they could have subsisted otherwise than by stealing from their owners [ … ].

The emancipation came off in the year Thrift was soon manifested among the emancipated part of the population. Commercially and socially, we see the wheel of destiny surely be in that tome turned, almighty God, by thee. This is a significant role for the founder of the First Baptist Church and reveals how his direct relationship with the United States had transcended exclusively religious concerns, and thereby also influencing the future direction of economic development on the island. In geopolitical terms, it reflects changes in hegemonic influences in the area, wherein Great Britain increasingly lost power and US policies moved in the direction of the Monroe Doctrine.

The social changes resulting from the new geopolitical order had a coincidental tim- ing with the establishment of Baptism on the islands. The coconut economy enabled the ex-slaves to begin their free lives under the best of auspices, and was further validated by a reli- gious doctrine that viewed economic success as an act of providence. It did not take long for the new island society of the late s to regard the pastors as the true political as well as religious leaders, since the Colombian authority was inef- fectual in its exercise of sovereignty.

Beginning with Livingston and for many years to come, the pastors, in addition to being the only school teachers were also the only doc- tors, civil registry regulators, judges in inheritance controversies, pacifiers in fights and intermediaries with Colombian authorities in the rare cases in which it was necessary to interact with them. For instance, they monitored: the punctuality of attendance at school and the church; decorum in dress and the use of shoes; celebrations, dances and intoxication; adultery; popular medicinal practices, attacks from sorcery, Obeah, etc.

Additionally, through control over marriages, they were able to impose limits on the congregation and, by extension, society. The social order of the buoyant years following the end of slavery and the establishment of Baptism, despite having completely different historical contexts and referring to very different specificities, share astonishing similarities with the Puritan ideal of an upright, egalitarian and God-fearing society. Nevertheless, it is important to underscore that, given the peculiar ethnohistorical context of an archipelago that was marked by the founda- tional role of the First Baptist Church, it would be reductive to attribute the malaise caused by this loss of prerogatives to a simple reaction by a religious institution to the increased social weight of secular institutions.

Conclusion As any ethnic identity, Raizalness is continuously rebuilt on the interaction between social memories — with their historic, mythical and affective components — and the cur- rent socio-political situation. Ethnicity is not a synonym of cultural difference, but an historically articulated modality of problematization of difference.

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In this article, we centred on the social memories of the Puritan colony and of the establishment of the Baptist Church as two fundamental elements in the current con- figuration of Raizal ethnicity. The weight of religion in it derives from the historical articulations between the ethnogenesis of this Creole people and the foundation of the First Baptist Church, but also from the clear adversity manifested to this Church by the Colombian governments that are responsible for the so called Colombianisation mea- sures.

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This adversity favoured the implication of Raizal religious leaders with the ethnic movements, and contributed to establish religiosity as a central marker of Raizalness. References Calabresi, G. Calabresi, G. Gazeta de Antropologia 30 1 1— Clemente, I. Meisel Roca ed. John Knox Press: Westminster.

Congreso de Colombia Ley El Tiempo, 28 July. Guevara, N. Hall, S. Hall and P. Questions of Cultural Identity. Sage: London, 15— Colom- bia. International Court of Justice: The Hague. Livingston, P. Posters for an exhibition. Newton, A. Yale University Press: New Haven.