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Once its feet are made, Pinocchio runs away, and Geppetto is arrested when he seizes the puppet. Going his own way,…. Collodi, Italian author and journalist, best known as the creator of Pinocchio , the childlike puppet whose adventures delight children around the world. As a young man Collodi joined the seminary.

The Pinocchio

The cause of Italian national unification usurped his calling, however, as he took to journalism as…. The House brings to life the classic fairy tale of a wooden boy who wishes to become real.

The growing Pinocchio devours books and the complex worlds they reveal. He relishes musicals and the emotional ride they offer.


There must be more out there! But his protective father keeps Pinocchio's wild branches trimmed back, and forbids venturing out. A method sure to inspire rebellion in this precocious, curious not-quite-real young man.

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Our character of Pinocchio will be portrayed by an evocative, life-size Bunraku-inspired puppet, created and crafted by Chicago Puppet Studios. Photo by Michael Brosilow.

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Division St. Chicago, IL Getting a group of friends together for an evening of festivities is hard enough—let us do the planning!

And this conclusion of the fairy is noteworthy, because the vast majority of arguments against lying are made because lies are, so this line goes, unfair or harmful to the people who believe the liar. But it can also be—as another Italian, Machiavelli, advises—that lies should be avoided because they produce negative consequences for the liar.

What the Original “Pinocchio” Really Says About Lying

Try and do better in the future and you will be happy. And how glad I am that I have become a well-behaved little boy! I still think there is some merit to this view, and I imagine it must be part of what Disney had in mind. Pinocchio is naughty, he lies, he breaks well-intentioned, sincerely meant promises, he gets into all sorts of difficulties—through hastiness, inexperience, and misjudgment.

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Sound familiar? But he is nevertheless a hero in the end, he is goodhearted, he loves Geppetto, and the fairy nobly gives him his just reward, which is, after all, just to be an ordinary boy. Recommended Stories.

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