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Artists from 14 countries in Asia and Europe presented music We are pleased to present When we talk about the growing role of culture in international relations, are we simply talking about cultural diplomacy in a new guise? What roles for new state actors such as cities and regions and non-state actors such as networks, foundations, The call will be launched in early-January Given the growing global interest in the creative industries in India, Introducing the NEW culture This book is the 3rd in a series of guides looking at the connection between art and sustainability in different countries in Asia.

Organised by the European Commission since , the European Urban leaders attending the Summit also acknowledged that UN Agenda Update: The Call for Applications for is now closed Accessibility in museums, emerging experiences in community and audience engagement, the role of regional museums in fostering local development, and the uses of technology in museums were among the key issues addressed at the 7th ASEMUS General Conference Samdani Seminars was selected for support under Creative Encounters in The activity was postponed to and took place in February in Bangladesh.

The 2nd edition of the Samdani Series aimed to connect international and Bangladeshi arts Regionally Speaking. Project Milestones Can the complexity of a region and the role of arts and ASEF culture support to events in Soft power and the role of culture in public diplomacy What are areas of common interest for Asia-Europe co-operation in the creative Call for proposals for the evaluation of culture Following an open call in February , BOP Consulting has been selected to undertake an evaluation of culture In addition to the 3rd edition of the Mapping of Funding ArtCOP21 will address Cities: Living Labs for Culture?

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Furthermore, cities are significant in brokering Creative Encounters - 5th Edition Through Creative Encounters, Through this project, ASEF seeks to strengthen its role as a connector between cultural networks Video Indonesia Media Arts Festival. Co-financed by the EU Culture programme The programme seeks to develop a broader knowledge Creative Encounters - 4th Edition ASEF culture is proud to announce its first media partnership in with Tropfest South East Asia, the world largest short film festival.

ASEF culture is pleased to announce its newly enhanced film section culture From this The conference will be held on November at Over international civil society, private sector and government representatives gathered at the 7th ASEF Public Forum: Enabling Crossovers held on 18 October in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for discussions on the importance of creative industries The event gathered approximately 90 participants from over 20 countries, providing Through this programme, ASEF seeks to strengthen its role as a connector between cultural networks Creative and cultural industries are now widely acknowledged as dynamic sectors of the world economy offering high growth opportunities.

Based on the premise that culture can be a driver of economic growth, governments in Asia and Europe, in consultation This initiative seeks to reinforce In recent years, Culture Ministers of Asia and Europe have also encouraged, through ASEF Creative Networks encourages collaborations among networks in order to reinforce the dialogue between cultural professionals from Asia and Europe.

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Creative Encounters - Third Edition Through Creative Creative Encounters - Second Edition For this edition , ASEF is once Its aim is to stimulate the cultural engagement between Asia and Europe, and enhance The website Never formally published or disseminated, they are now presented as one comprehensive set on November 7, during the Singapore Writers Festival The adoption of the new Recommendation on the Historic The Asia-Europe film screening programme, organised by ASEF and the National Museum of Singapore, examines how Asians and Europeans have perceived each other in films past and present and touch on bi-regional topics such as migration and culture clashes In , ASEF commissioned research to investigate good practices connecting the arts to initiatives tackling environmental sustainability issues in a number of Asian countries.

Asia-Europe Short Films Contest. Short, up to YOU on Asia and Europe. Can you say it in just one word? Then, share it with us!

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Creative Encounters - First Edition WorldCP-Asia was a central component of WorldCP, an online database of cultural policy profiles for countries worldwide, which allowed users to monitor and analyse global trends in arts and cultural policy. WorldCP was launched in by the International The meeting was organised They stayed in Penang and for over 2 weeks, engaged in rigorous academic Shared Heritage: As we see it. At the forefront of the current debate in the arts and policy scene in Singapore and internationally is the topic of the role of arts in society.

Connecting artists and audiences is important, as is finding ways to encourage a vibrant and creative society Held for the first time in Asia, the Atelier for Young Festival Managers programme brought 34 festival managers from all over the world to Singapore during the Singapore Arts Festival. Through presentations, group discussions and workshops, the programme Human Frames: Forum and Film Screenings. Overview Human Frames is a series of 10 film programmes examining the human condition.

Over 70 short films by 20 Asian and European independent film makers will be screened.

Elmgreen & Dragset: Istanbul Biennial and Disrupting Power Structures

How do they relate and see themselves, and It was selected as one of the follow-up projects to be given financial support by the ASEF. The project questions the In this third edition of the Monsoon artist residency programme, whichtook place at the STUK Arts Centre in Leuven, eight dancers and choreographershad been split up into four Asian-European pairs for a virtual blind date prior to the start of the residency The launch took place alongside the meeting Festival Of Contemporary Dance.

The Ignite! Festival helped to encourage a dialogue on contemporary dance between artists and practitioners from Asia and Europe through performances, master classes, and seminars. More than 40 dance practitioners and practitioners from different ASEM Together, they explored issues relating to sustainable The East meets West Film Forum And Festival presented an opportunity for young Mongolian filmmakers to network internationally, learn more about their craft, enhance their skills and collaborate with other Asian and European film makers on joint productions The two-day Expert Roundtable brought together academic and civil society experts from Asia and Europe to openly discuss the multi-faceted aspects of cultural heritage and the various challenges experienced.

The main objective of the discussion was It brought together seven new media professionals from Asia and The expert meeting on New Media Workers across Asia and Europe brought together 13 new media professionals from 10 ASEM countries for a dialogue on the status of the new media sector in both regions. The meeting was organised as part of a larger on-going The meeting explored how the website could effectively respond to the needs of civil societies and governments, as well as The exhibition presented an exceptional Workshop participants discussed the different perspectives and ideas from ASEM governments and civil society on how cultural activities could play a Research Project: Raiding The Archives.

What previously unknown aspects of the histories of Southeast Asia can be excavated from the audio-visual archives of the region? The 6th edition of the Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, The ASEF provides funding to Pointe to Point alumni artists for specific follow-up projects, so as to: - Facilitate the future development of dance research and collaboration - Deepen connections among the Asia-Europe Dance Forum participants - Assist The Final Bow presented an evening of film screenings, dance, and live music performances by the Bow Project artists from five countries, accompanied by a new work Final Bow created during their three-week residency in Thailand.

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It provided funding for Asia-Europe collaborations between individuals and organisations, Connect2Culture In its second year, the Connect2Culture Environment Programme brought together cultural experts from Asia and Europe for two conferences that took place alongside the 15th Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change The exhibition showcased the activities and artworks of the Lingua Comica programme, and featured a workshop with local The 7th Asia-Europe Art Camp was a year-long programme run in two phases; it brought together 18 Asian and European visual artists who were selected through an open call for applications.

In the first phase, the artistsmet in Luxembourg for a two-week The theme of the Asia-Europe Emerging Photographers' Forum was "Creative Economies," and it brought together 23 photographers and eight facilitators from Asia and Europe to explore the importance of photography in light of the current global financial Lingua Comica Reloaded: Collaborations.

Since then, three editions of Lingua Comica have been organised: in Singapore , London , and Kyoto Over 60 artists They were paired in Asian-European teams, where they collaborated for two months via the internet and met for eight days of intensive work in Kyoto, Japan. Through the Participants at the dialogue investigated the role of culture and the arts in helping Asia and Europe deal with climate change issues. The focus was on raising awareness about climate change and sustainable living in cultural and arts communities in Cracking Bamboo was attended by up to 40 young musicians, composers, students, and musicologists from Asia The 6th Asia-Europe Art Camp focused on gaming and the nature of our contemporary ludic culture.

It also examined the psychology of gaming and theories of gaming: as tools for social development and awareness, real-life situation simulations, artificial It is a platform for information, collaboration, The 5th Asia-Europe Art Camp saw 22 emerging artists from 19 countries in Asia and Europe gathering in Bangkok to explore the possibility of connecting new media art practices to the relational aesthetic concept. Two artistic advisers, Noraset Vaisayakul The 6th Asia-Europe Film Meeting provided opportunities for emerging producers to create a solid international network and gain expertise on how to present their projects in the international marketplace.

About 20 film producers from 15 ASEM countries This conference was held to commemorate the ASEF's 10th anniversary, and it was an occasion to address key areas of concern, such as racism and xenophobia, the relationship between religion and the state, the impact of the media, and the relationship In the past two decades, arts and cultural centres have sprung up all over Asia and Europe. These places are created and managed by people who come from different backgrounds and, in many cases, have not received formal arts management training.

Asia-Europe Forum for Young Photographers Here, they learned The participants With around 1, masterpieces contributed by over 50 leading museums in Asia and Europe, The partners at the seminar expressed interest in incorporating the experience of Aimed at addressing critical issues in the development and promotion of independent cinema in both regions, this meeting gathered 20 students from 17 ASEM member countries -- it was the first time the meeting had focused on film students.

The works of over Asian and European artists were featured in Borderless Me! Borderless Me!

Hyung-Gu Lynn | Department of Asian Studies

The event saw the participation of 21 promising young photojournalists and four resource persons from ASEM member countries. It featured presentations by tutors, a practical two-day assignment for the participants, reviews of the assignment, and a final This meeting-workshop brought together 12 artists from Asia and Europe to produce an Asia-Europe comics publication. Following the event, the artists worked together via a project website to produce a finished publication. Comics are a powerful medium This intensive eight-day camp brought together 20 young artists in their final year of study from 19 ASEM member countries.

The camp's objective was to expose participants to new ways of approaching sound art while providing them with the tools, contacts, ASEF's efforts to promote This meeting marked the beginning of a new phase in the development of the Culture portal, which was planned for launch at the 3rd ASEM Culture Ministers' Meeting in Kuala Lumpur in The focus of this meeting, which gathered ministry and national The topics discussed at the workshop allowed me to articulate my position as a curator in Asia. This year-long event in Finland attracted , spectators and resulted in a series of 20 radio programmes on Asian subjects with an estimated 2 million listeners.

Consisting of exhibitions, performances, lectures, and film screenings, The Year The exhibition was scheduled to be opened at the Shanghai History More than people from 42 countries attended this meeting; the audience were mostly representatives from arts or cultural organisations or spaces that support artist-in-residence programmes. Individuals from foundations and cultural agencies were This lecture was delivered by Ishida Hidetaka of the University of Tokyo.

Through comparative studies of media such as optics, photography, film, and TV, Hidetaka showed how modernisation of media technology from the West has been a historical vector The Thinking behind the programme branding Pointe to Point is to emphasise the significance of dance as a medium of communication that reflects Related aspects on new integration patterns At this event, several questions were discussed by civil society representatives: - What are the creative initiatives from civil societies in favour of cultural diversity?

The audience in Barcelona was very enthusiastic about the festival. The workshop gathered six young and experienced digital filmmakers The workshop, a side event of the 18th Singapore International Film Festival, gathered six digital filmmakers to supervise a digital film made by film students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore. Culture Cultural Partnership Mapping. Inspired by acclaimed international Thai artist, Inson Wongsam, the international symposium Public Art In ter vention was held from 17th - 20th February, in Lamphun and Chiang Mai, Thailand and was the culmination of a year long community art project I liked the mix of commercial-mainstream producers like Elliott Tong and the European producers as resource persons I got a lot of benefits, especially the networking part.

Why do we need to talk about dance? Why am I asked whether my work is anchored to my cultural traditional roots? Shall we not talk about genre differences I was right in my belief that the state of film criticism in the Philippines is very poor as compared to these other countries, but also learned The date of the closing ceremony was 20 December, like the previous three games hosted by Thailand.

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The Asian Games flag has four editions. Israel has been excluded from the Games since , the reason cited as being due to security reasons. Due to its continuing ambiguous political status, Taiwan participates in the Games under the flag of Chinese Taipei since This motion was mooted again in after Australia's participation in the Winter Games as they are in discussions to become a full Asian Games member from or Only seven countries, namely India , Indonesia , Japan , the Philippines , Sri Lanka , Singapore and Thailand have competed in all editions of the games.

The average for the edition of events by the edition of the Asian Games is of nearly events with 24 sports by edition. Fifty-one sports, spanning 39 different disciplines and nearly events, have been part of the Asian Games program at one point or another, including the Games in Indonesia. The edition where the largest number of events was the Guangzhou Games , where events in 42 sports were disputed.

The number of events varies according to edition and the demands of the local organizing committee, along with those of the host country.

It was established in , that the Games program would respect the eventual changes to the Olympic Games program along with this, eight extremely popular sports in Asia are in the program, plus up to 7 chosen by the local organization. Of the 46 National Olympic Committees participating throughout the history of the Games, 43 nations have won at least a single medal in the competition, leaving three nations: Bhutan , Maldives and Timor-Leste yet to win a single medal. Below is the list of winners:.

The event was originally scheduled to be held in Boracay Island , Malay , Aklan on 27 to 29 November but due to the events surrounding Typhoon Haiyan , it was moved to January From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the most recent games, held in Jakarta and Palembang, see Asian Games. For the next games, to be held in Hangzhou, see Asian Games. For the live album, see Asian Games album. See also: Olympic Council of Asia. Main article: Asian Games sports. Main article: All-time Asian Games medal table. Seven Stories. Archived from the original on 22 May Retrieved 14 August Sports Biz Asia.

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Retrieved 10 December Retrieved 26 August Retrieved 8 May Jakarta Post. The Korea Herald. Retrieved 4 October Retrieved 2 September Archived from the original on 8 January Retrieved 9 November Inquirer Sports. Retrieved 19 February Asia portal Sports portal.

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