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The Parable of the Lost Sheep: A Closer Look | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer

God knows whether people are saved or lost, he knows the condition of every lost soul and devised a plan to do something about it. By coming to earth as a human being, Jesus died on a cross to reconcile us to a Holy God, because we were spiritually separated from Him due to our sinful nature inherited from our natural parents.

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The sheep that was lost was now found, saved because of what the Good Shepherd did for it. By believing that fact, God declares us righteous, meaning just as if we had never sinned at all, which gives us the legal right to make us fit to enter a holy heaven. That sheep in this story may been dumb enough to have wandered away from the flock, but getting it home was the responsibility of that good shepherd who owned it. When the good shepherd found that sheep, he saved it and brought it home where it belongs.


Jesus said in John , I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. The Bible makes it clear that all the angels in heaven rejoice over every sinner who comes to Jesus by faith that secures eternal salvation for their lost soul.

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Does this sound familiar? Every single individual who has left the Church is our concern. Perhaps we feel limited in what we can actually do to invite that person back, but we must do something. This is, in fact, the kind of zeal for the faith that Jesus wants us to have.

This leads to the next point. We are not seeking out that lost sheep simply to keep our numbers up. Rather, we are sincerely trying to protect that sheep from the dangers of the wild, from the sadness of being off alone and from the false allurements and temptations of the world.

We also desire to share the wonderful gift of Jesus Christ, to whom everyone is called and by whom God desires everyone to be saved. In other words, we seek out the lost one because it is important to do so — life is at stake, salvation is at stake.

The Lost Sheep

There is another point worth considering. We want that lost friend or family member back in the fold of the Church because we really love that person, as we know God does, and we need that person.

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The uniqueness of that person and his or her human dignity are true blessings to our community and we are gravely less without him or her. The Body of Christ is a summons to all to belong, and Jesus needs our hands and voices to help that assemblage to take place.

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