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Thanks be to God. Praise to God and His mercy. Thank you for more than I prayed for. Joseph, St. Thank you St. Jude, and St. Faustina and all the saints for your prayers of intercession. I am asking the Lord to deliver my son from the unrighteousness justice system that failed him and grant mercy, grace and freedom and to protect my loved ones in the Blood of Jesus Christ. I prayed that my niece would receive good test results and today she told me that the doctor called and all is well.

Again, my prayers are answered. I have been saying this prayer for the past couple of days and while I am saying the pray I become very calm and I actually feel the Precious Blood of Jesus coming over me. The Holy Spirit is right there with you and you feel His presence right there. May God Bless you all and please say the prayer. Lord and Holy Spirit thank you for the favor you are going to grant me. When I say the pray I feel very blessed and at peace. I thank you jesus christ for all your blessings but most of all health you are always in my heart. Thank you dear Lord for your blesssings which i have received.

Dear Lored please keep and lead me under your protection. Please Give me good health to your misstion. Thank you precious bloob of Jesus. I offer my life to you dear Lord Jesus. I could see signs of improvement of an ailment on the very third day. Thank you so much for the gift of a new life. Love You Jesus! Thank you for all the Spiritual Blessings on my family and also thank you in a special way for removing my family from Bondage and setting all of us free.

Thank you lord for forgiving me and my family. You are a Great God and Redeemer. Thank you Lord for all the spiritual blessings and also setting my family free. Thank you for constantly protecting all my family members. Lord please send your Holy Spirit to guide my son Christopher as he writes his exams today and also that he completes his graduation without any difficulty and passes every year.

One more Lord please help my Noel get a good job and keep my Mother in good health. Thank you dear Jesus for protecting me with the blood of Christ all these while. Even though my problem might be for a lifetime as I walk this troubled path alone. I truly repent for my sins. Thank y lord. For peace in my home and amongst my family. I pray for peace between myself and my daughter, I love y lord you are the greatest amen. Thanku for granting all the wishes i prayed for n for those i dint even ask for..

Thanku so much for all the saints who have intececeded for me! I am Thanking Jesus ahead of the time for the peace he will give me to avoid the biggest tribulation in my life. Thank you lord my son has been offered a job, love y jesus amen, lord please continue to protect my son from all that is evil, thank y jesus. Thank you Jesus ahead of time…I know how impossible my prayer is you will grant it to me. Thank y lord y are the greatest, my son starts his job on monday, cover him with your blood,thnk y amen.

Thank you Jesus, I praise you Jesus, Thank you for the favour granted me through your precious blood. Thank y lord my son started his job today, thank y for protecting him, my favour has been. Granted, amen y are the greatest. Thank y lord for the peace in my home I need n answer for my relationship, jesus I trustin y. Love y lord.

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Lord I thank y in advnce for the peace in my home and between my family love y lord thank y jesus. Lord pse protect my son from all that is not of your kingdom, help him to understand the vlue of life with god at his side,. Thank you Jesus for your assistance, I am starting to see the changes. You know the problems that our family has faced. Please continue to watch over us and keep us safe,to make the right choices in our lives for the better.

I love you with all my heart. Thank you god and jesus in advance for the prayer of protection with the previous blood of jesus. I really need your help for a legal situation I am in. I praise and love you god and jesus. This prayer means so much to me and is my sercurity blanket in my present time of need and protection.. Lord protect my son cover him with your precious blood jesus I trust y, protect him from all that is not of your kingdom, thank y lord in advance love y jesus. This prayer has helped me in so many ways…god is god, and he shows his work…in jesus name amen.

I will receive monies shortly to keep me financially afloat. I know that You will continue to provide for me at this time. Please give me the gainful employment in the near future that I so need and continue to set me on the right path. I was here when I started the prayer. Am back to declare that God has done marvelous to me.

Had somethng that was disturbing me but its now gone in Jesus Name. Am victorious through our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord, for all the gifts and graces granted to me through the recitation of this prayer. Lord Jesus, I had never tought in my life, that I will be able to take a house, but you have blessed me and my family with a house, thank you lord. I thank you father in advance for your protection and love im greatful for all that you have done for me… I love you amen.

I am thanking dearJesus in advance of answering my request. I know that you will answer my request and I have complete faith in You. Heavenly Father, through your son Jesus Christ and the Holys Spirit, and the contineous prayer of the Blessed Mother I am Thanking you Lord in advance to all our prayers because I believe that you are going to answer all our needs and you are doing it right now in Jesus name we pray.

I need financial stability urgently so that i can help my mother and that i myself also can be free from constant financial worries for now and also the future. God please help us move to a new town. God please bless us abundantly and keep us all safe and healthy. Thank You Father for allowing my daughter to meet a wonderful man.

Bless them and my son aswell. I ask all this in Jesus name. Thank You 4ather, pls grant my request this week still. God help me and daughters with our health problems we will do what u need us to do in your name I been struggling with finace I need help in some way thankyou lord for my blessing let my daughter lisa find her way home to her parents home us in the name of god amen.

Jesus today I come to you asking forr peace in my family especially with my dughter father, please forgive me if I hurt her in. Way, father I know y will bring us together, thnk y lord. Heavenly Father, Through yous son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and the intercission of the Blessed Virgin Mother, we are still waiting for the answer of our prayers, but as I already told you that we believe in the power of prayers and we are hoping that our waiting will soon be over and the waiting is worth waiting for and I believe it will be.

Thank you Lord for I know you are doing it right now. Thank your lord for. My prayers answered peace between my daughter. Protect her nd her borther from all evil, thank y jesus, y. Are the greatest. Dear father my all and all my master and controller of all things that is of this earth and that that is not i pray that you give devine protection over me and my household my family and all affliated.. Thank you dear Jeuse for your graces and blessing which i received.

You are the divine healer and a protector. I do strongly beleive your divine presence. Thank Lord for your loving care of me. Thank you Jesus for your grace and mercy. I see your wonders everyday in my life. Your so awesome and selfless. I will forever be greatful for the opportunity to have an intimate relationship with you. Thank you in advance for saving my family,neighbors, friends and my Christian brothers and sisters.

We love you JC!!!! Thank You Jesus for after reciting the prayer for protection you healed my shoulder pain which was disturbing me. I have revealed about the prayer to others and will continue doing so as they too may believe in your love for us. I love you Jesus and Mother Mary. I pray for the protection of my family and friends…Praise You Jesus! Lord give my son the strength to cope I ask lord for progress in his job, I leave him in your hands jesus.

Give him wisdom, knoledge, joy, peace love and happiness. Dear Jesus, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for protecting my brother and answering my prayers. I will continue to pray that you have mercy on him and my husband, that you will touch their hearts so they know that YOU are the ONLY way. I ask you to please help both of them to turn their lives around and to please bring my husband home safe. Thank you so much. PLease forgive me of my sin as I am a sinner, please protect my family and my loves ones,and thank you Lord for the blessings that you have given me everyday,.

Thank you for all your blessings for me and my family and for protecting my daughter and son. Thank you and I praise you lord for all your blessings. In Jesus name thank you lord for helping me find my way and guideing me to your heart. In the name of jesus please bless me and my family my husband and his family in jesus name protect us from evil, haterd, voodoo, and hexes. In jesus name help me to love and have patience. In jesus name help me find a stable job so that i can provide for me and my family in jesus name help everyone with there blessing that has called upon to you to help them find away to you lord to help them accept that you are there lord and there nothing in this world more powerful then you in jesus name I PRAY AMEN.

Thank you Jesus for all your love that you have placed on my whole family and myself. Please help all of us to open our hearts and our eyes to You. Help my children to return to you especially my son. Let them see that they need You above all things. Please help my husband and I to be able to move from the area we live now to somewhere safe and away from the violence and drugs that are around us. Also if you could please answer my youngest daughter in her prayers to have a baby.

She needs your blessing dear Jesus now because of her heart problems. She would be a wonderful mother. She is a very special person and has so much love to offer. Thank you Lord Jesus for your love and protection through your powerful precious blood. I need prayer for pleading of blood of Jesus to fully protect me and cover me from any evil snares,evil of any kind to not come near me ,for my debts I cannot afford to paid to cease,I pray for prosperity,wisdom, and not to be in worries of any kind, to go from barely making it to having more than enough,in the name of Jesus amen.

Thank you so much for this prayer. I claim Healing! For Jesus is our God who heals. And i pray for all those who are sick…. Lord touch us with your healing hands. Heal us! Jesus I trust. And believe in y, my son is involved with drugs, lord cover him with your precious blood, save. Him from all evil that surrounds him, thank y jesus. I thank you god in advance for everything you have done and what you have in store for me… I love you amen. Thank you Lord for being here for my kids and myself, through the difficult times.

This is exactly the prayer I have been looking for. I thank you, for posting such a wonderful prayer. Thank You Lord Jesus for I am in need of prayer. Please protect my family from all evil and keep us from anyone wanting to do harm to me and my family. This is the exact prayer I have been looking for and I am blessed to come across it. Llord I thank you in advance for. Job for my son, love y lord thanking y lord for all your blessings. Lord i am praying for total healing in my body and for peace In my life.

I love you. I thank you lord Jesus for my healing of my body and my emotional healing and peace in my life. I love you lord. I would like to thank you in advance Lord for answering my prayer. I love you Lord. Guide us through this journey of moving into a different city, protect us, give us strength to be with you throughout our lives!

Father I pray that you heal and restore every pain, affliction, broken heart, broken marriage and all troubles that are bother your children across this nation. Give us peace and the desires of our hearts. We love you, need you and are faithful to you. In Jesus name. Jesus heal me by ur precious blood and strengthen me by ur wounds. I ask this thro the most precious blood of jesus Amen. My God , who is in heaven.

I call upon your name. I love you Jesus. I thank you for all things. I would like to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I ask you to wash me with your precious blood. My rock and redeemer. I ask for a blessing upon my son. I am seeking a favor from Jesus. Grant him a reelistment in a few months. I ask for this in Jesus name. Thanking you in advance Jesus. Lord I pleadthe blood of jesus over my son, lord protect him from all that is evil, from drugs nd acholol and friends that are not good for him, lord separate him from them, love I trust in you, thank y in advance, I love y jesus.

Lord help my son control his temper lord, love y jesus, thank you. I am your child and come to you for forgivenes of all my sins and seek all blessings. Assist me in my financial distress and heal my body mind and spirit. I prayed that the Lord would send me legal cases, successions and wills to handle as an attorney so that I could exhibit the spirit of excellence in my work and bring glory to his name…. Someare paying clients and some are pro bono, but both are gifts from the Lord. Praise the Lord! I pray this prayer everyday. Thank you Jesus! Jesus, my help in every situation — I just prayed to you Lord, to give my son a job — and a little while ago he tells me that he has just been called for an interview — you my Lord are a miracle worker!!

Thank you Jesus!! I asked that you keep me and my family protected from all negative and evil, keep us safe and heathy. I have been praying to you jesus for a particular situation which was tearing my family apart. Within a few days of saying this prayer, miraculously all things fell in place and there is so much peace, love and laughter in my family. I will continue saying the prayer to the precious blood of Jesus without fail daily to keep the peace in my family.

Thankyou lord jesus for being with me every step of the way. Lord Jesus I prayed to you with two special intentions and you fulfilled them once. Thank you my Lord Jesus for your greatest help. But now I am in the same situation again and I need your help one more time. With great respect and trust I came to you with those prarers again. Help me Jesus , protect me from the evil who is creating problems in my family.

I Thank you and believe that you will save me and my family from this evil one. Lord Jesus, I pray to you for many things and I know that one by one if know my prayers will be answered. I pray for my love ones and myself. Thank you Jesus for our healing and keep us safe from all evil and diseases. Please pray that my Job, they have tried to fire me. Please pray for my Job to be kept safe. And keep me safe from the devils attacks. Dear God, Please hear my cries, I miss my children sooo much, please allow them to come home.

My heart aches for my babygirls. I need them back in my Life. May your will be Done and Please give me the Strength and Courage to get threw these days. You are the Most Powerful Loving God. King of all Kings. Watch over me and my family and Protect us from the snarles of the evil and Keep me in your Light! Wherever and whenever possible I always call upon the blood of Jesus it is a powerful prayer I say again and again.

I will be sending it out to my friends and family. Thank you Lord for all your many blessings. My family and I financially need your help Lord. I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. Please direct my on the right path Lord. I need your hand dear Lord. Please my lord i ask you to help for i am a fourteen year old girl that i a lost lame.

Please my lord i beg you to answer my prayers my lord,i ask you to make these evil visions stop haunting me for when i am asleep. My lord ask to save from thr evil my lord i dont know what to do my lord , this evil has been keeping me in fear from day to night. I ask lord for healing of mind and body for me and my family. Lord jesus I aske for all tests forbrother to be clear of diseases, lord jesus I leave my son in your hand he needs your guidance, love y jesus , amen. Thank you god for always being with me.. Give me strength to do your work …. Thank y lord for. The strength, guidance, love y give me, thank y for protecting my son, lord he needs your guidance, love y jesus,.

Lord I am thanking you in advance for saving my son, let hime free tonight, thank y jesus I trust in you, forgive him lord for all that he has done. Thank you jesus for guiding me it being hard after my miscarriage. Thank u for giving me the strenght to get up every morning to see the light of the day.. Thank you for the strength I got through the weekend, lord I love y, cover my son with your precious blood protect him lord, please save him tomorrow lord, I ask in jesus christ name my lord, hear my prays as a mother, love y jesus. Lord thank y for all my prayerr requests wered answered, thank y jesus y are the greatest,this is the mosr powerful prayer ever,.

Lord jesus I leave todays decision. In your hands — trust you lord for the sacing of my son, for his state of mind, his behaviour and for what he has done lord I ask this favour, for protection and healing, love y jesus thank you lord. Dear god I asking you to help me achieve My goals at work.. Please bless me with Good Christian people that I can develop into Loyal clients.. I need to make my number So I can give back to you and help my struggling Family..

I know u have equipped me to succeed and I know with you beside me I wii … Thank you father for all you do … I love you and you r amazing….. Thank you god, my prayer were answered. You are a awesome god… I pray for you all.. Stay in faith and believe.. He is with us all.. And is waiting for you to ask Him in.. Be still and listen..

God bless.. Dear Jesus, please forgive me for my sins. I ask to please give me patience and to please keep me in faith. I know you are with me always and you know my situation. I ask you to please help us and guide us in the right path and I also ask you to please help my husband John to get the help he truly needs. I know everything with you is possible and I thank you for all you do for us. Please keep us strong and give us peace during this very difficult time and I also ask you to please kiss brother for me.

I know he is in paradise with you. Will continue to pray to you always. You have given me strength to get through these difficult times. Help me to get my family out of this turmoil, With you everything is possible. The blood of Jesus is the most powerful. Dear god, Thank you for all you have given me. I need your help dear lord… I am struggling with these headache god. Help my-family get closer to you. Forgive me of my sins and for those who Have sinned against me… Thank you for showing me all the beauty you Have created..

And giving me my eyes and Wisdom to read your words.. Help me at work dear god.. I am struggling To makes my goals.. But I know in my heart You will pull me through. Help me help others and to spread your gospel To all I meet.. Thank you god!!! Lord I ask for forgiveness in all that I. Have said and done, lord please correct this family situation, I pray for peace and happiness. Love y jesus. Lord God, I pray for the whole world to be cleansed and delivered by the Blood of your only begotten Son, Christ Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for your most precious blood shed for us victorious over death and sin. I will continue this powerful prayer daily for protection and deliverance for all who are in need especially my request for my sister healing. She is getting well each day. Lord Jesus please hear and answer my prayer. I love you God I thank you God for everything you have done for me.

In mighty name, Amen. Dear God, I thank you for giving me the strength with my struggle right now. Lossing a love one is the most painful to me and I thank you for peace,protection, and jutice that you have provide us with me and my family today and forever.. I recently had some medical testing and I prayed that the test results would be good and they were. Thank you Jesus for all your Blessings bestowed upon us miserable sinners graciously bend down and give ear to our supplications I ask this through the Precious Blood of our Jesus Christ through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary and St Joseph in tjhe power of the Holy and all the angles and saints in heaven!

Thou will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I made some request to God concerning my family and God has answerd. I know he would answer the rest because he is the king of Glory. Lord jesus! I bring. Thank you lord ,the blood of jesus,today i have completed the three days prayer and in faith am waiting for lord to answer my prayer in his will. Lord, thank you for hearing our prayers…… and being our protector and our light in darkness.

Thank you for fighting our battles for us and giving us the victory over our enemies, and all the evil in this world. Thank you for prayers answered…… May God bless us all……. Lord jesus y hve answered my prayers, my son has gone back to wo thank y lord for saving him, you are the greatest, love y jesus my saviour. Thank you Lord for granting my special request. I am so grateful to God and Holy Spirit for the good things He has done for me. Thank you God. Thank you Lord for listening to me. Thank you for the blessings i have received.

You are awesome and gracious. Thank you. Almigthy father,i want to thank you for the blessing and Graces you have given me so far,i know you will acomplish more to come,i believe and trust inthe lord. The works of the devil has been defeated by your blood and at the cross. Heavenly father I trust you will protect my sons job, lord jesus I love y thank y for all your mercies.

I would like to thank every one who prayed with me and for me.. I had asked for prayers for my sons, two of which to get a job and the third guidance and focus in his school work.. Lord I leave my sons job situation in your hands, father y will mmake the decision for him. Thank y jesus, love y lord. Almigty father. God i think you for yet another day,Lord i ask for forgiveness where i have done wrong,pour you love,Grace and blessing ,most especially to find a loving partner,God i have waited for so long,i ask all the prayer warrior to help me and pray me,I believe the God we serve will bless me for sure.

Am waiting upon the Lord in faith. Thanks to God for the team who have contiued to bless us daily. Father Jesus, I thank you for all you have done for me in my life. I ask you to forgive me and my family for our sins, we plead the blood of Jesus upon our lives, finances, property, health, and love for one another. Oh god you are great father I ask that you open doors for us that has been shut my the enemies and let us see better days. Oh god I praise you for all you have done in my life.

My god please cleanse us all for our suns and make us more pure as you are. My god I love you and I pray that my blessings come my way. Thank you Jesus for all your blessing n mercy on us… n always hold Our faith in your hand.. N give a new hope.. I ask that you please continue to bless our union and that it will result in a wonderful loving life long marriage. Thank you Lord Jesus for giving JP a new breath of life giving him hope, love, and faith in your love. Thank you jesus for alll my prayers answered, thank y lord for all my blessings , my son is starting work today, thank y jesus keep him safe and in sound mind , lord y are the grestest.

Jesus I. Trust in you, y have never forsaken me, I levae my situat between my partner and myself in your hands, make the decision for us, I trust in your love for me, thank y lord. I thank you LORD for your protection and all your blessings! Thank you for hearing my prayer. My friend and my brother in law were able to find a JOB. Lord Jesus Christ, I trust you. Lord jesus I ask you to forgive me and my family for our sins and we plead the blood of Jesus upon us our property finances health and well being. Father thank you for you have dine for us. My god ibask that you open the doors that have been shut by the enemy and let our blessings begin to flow let their be no weapon fromed against us.

I plead your blood over everything I have will have and will desire. Lord you are w miracle worker and I thank you for all you have done in Jesus name I pray I love you lord. Lord Jesus protect Aidan always. Please keep his safety close to your heart and mine in everything he does. Bless Aidan today and forever. Please bless him and our whole family. Lord God, I thank you for this divine prayer, that has been posted for all to see.

I thank you for doing as you said you would. I believe that this prayer has been answered and healing and restoration is already in place. In Jesus name amen. God Bless. Thank you dear Lord, I am seeing the results of your help with me and my family, please continue to help us heal our self and to be with us always. To grow closer as husband and wife, family unity, good friendships and to be financial secure and to know the difference between right and wrong, to make right choices in our lives.

To also heal my mother of her aliments. I love you, and ask for forgiveness for our sins. Thank you Holy Spirit for favor granted through the Precious Blood of Jesus for healing and deliverance from addictions. Praise You Jesus! Lord jesus, please protection my son, from any harm or eveil, lord he is travelling to work and back keep him safe jesus, I trust in you lord, to protect him, thank y jesus, I love y lord. Thank You Lord amen. Thank you lord jesus for all the great things you have done for me and my family, for nothing is impossible with you.

Please continue to cover my family and i with your blood, i know that you are watching over us. Thank u lord, please forgive me for my sins and guide me on your path. Thank you lord , thank you lord. Please pray for my family,my nation and i. Lors y are the greatest lord,I trust you will keep my son safe through this festive season, lord grant me peace in my family and home, I love y lord.

Heavenly Father, please help our teenage son get through his difficult time. Help our family stay strong and our relationships grow closer through all of it. Also help us through our financial struggles. Oh God You Are Good. My Lord Please Help Us. Thank You Jesus. Forgive them for spending little time with you. I also pray that my daughter will get the job that she had an interview last Thursday, Dec 5 if this is what God wants her to do.

Thank you most Holy Lord for your protection and your blessing!!!! Thank you answering my prayers. May you continue to bless us in abundance amount of love and health. May you always walk by our side and guide us in your direction.. My awesome God. I prayed this prayer to help me with a situation at work. It is working. My issue at work is being resolved. I love The Lord. Thank you Lord, for healing me with your healing touch. God you said call those out as they are. I declare in the name of Jesus that my headaches will stop right now in Jesus name.

I believe and I shall receive. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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All Glory and Praise to you Heavenly Father. Thank you that my Son has started studying and serious with his studies and I also thank you that my younger son is employed. Thank you Lord for your Blessings and I know that you will never never forsake me. Bless my Family with peace and prosperity and let my children move up in life. Please help us get a suitable accommodation in Bangalore and change the house we are presently in.

Thank Your Lord for answering my prayers. Thank You Lord for your continueous protection and guidance and Thank You Lord in advance for the miracles still to come to my family. Thank you Jesus for your love towards me and my family. Thank u Jesus, Glory to you Jesus. Since im praying this and all that i request , God granted me, i want to thank God for all the blessings he gave me and the blessings to come. Keep praying and have faith, not because you want to ask something but because you want to talk to God with your heart.

I prayed for funds from my employer for my hospital bill as well as having my maternity leave granted despite a long leave of absence. I also prayed for reconciliation between my partner and I over a bad quarrel. All granted, thank You Jesus! Thank you Jesus for my prayer answer. I am a true beliver.

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Amen —. Thank you Lord Jesus,for answering my prayers. Guide us and be with us always. You are an awesome God. I praise you with all my heart! Thank you Holy Spirit , thank You so much Papa God, for taking good care of me, i dont have pain anymore and i trust in You oh God for my complete healing and for the good health of our family and relatives and for keeping us all safe.

Thank you jesus christ for keeping me alive come and protect me and my family from the hand of our enemies come and fight for us heal us both physical and spiritual father you are the one that created us restore our life fully again please father send your holy spirit to us for him to come and protect us guide us till the end of the world holy spirit of God come and take control in our lifes come and destroy any thing that in our family to fight for us weather charm or curse or idol destroy them all let them surrender now and die in jesus name.

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ you know my trials my hopes my issues I leave it all in your hands by the grace of God heal us all my family friends and enemies come upon Us now Holy Soirit guide teach and show us God thank you in Jesus name. Lord I pray for restoration and protection from those evil doers that come up to him trying to persuade him from coming to love me protect me as I go to school I know next week blessings will over flow! Thank you Jesus for answering my pleas for help against evil spirits tormenting my mind. You have set me free thank you so much I am set free to live my life and live it in the knowledge of your precious blood given me that freedom power of the Holy Spirit thank you.

Thank you Jesus for your healing power to destroy satans hold on me this past week. I prayed to you day and might and this morning you saved me and answered my prayers. I prayed the protection prayer and placed your picture of the sacred heart and immaculate heart of Mary under my pillow and then I experienced your power to heal, save and protect me.

I want to share this miracle with others to give hope and to testify Gods work through Jesus snd His Holy Spirit today. It is also my sons birthday and he is abroad. I am finally at peace. I will continue to pray this powerful prayer over the next few days and ask now that through my testimony that those who read my words that God will heal them through His divine power. I am a witness of The Lord and His healing power.

Alleluia praise The Lord amen I am a witness to His healing power I want to share His love for me and all who come to Him to be healed. He is the Saviour of the World. Amen alleluia amen give thanks to The Lord our God.

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First thing would like to thank the father the son and holy spirit from stopping from my sins. And for hearing my prayer that my husband situation and about marriage problem. Hopefully the faith and trust that Jesus will help us. I have read more than 3 days and I belive thru im delivered my son daughter from all evil powers prayed were prayed on us.

I will see my blessings now in jesus name. Thanks for the giving ear to my supplication and granting my request. I would like to thank God for all his help. This prayer was given to me by young brother when I was doing my graduation degree and till today I go with it. This prayer is very powerful no matter what difficulties you will come across, but all is needed is trust in Jesus and everything will be fine.

Trust me. For all your blessings and mercy which you have bestowed on me and my family. We love you Lord Jesus! Thank you Jesus for your protection. I totally trust in you and thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on me and my Family I will always try and live my life in away that is pleasing to you lord with all of my love and gratitude I love you always thank you my Jesus.

Gods Mercy is Greatest! I see that my prayers are being answered slowly, so the heavens are helping my family. I am so grateful and feel blessed for myself and my family. Love y Jesus. Ever merciful Lord. I am thankful for your love for me and my family. I am thankful for everything you provide for you. Still praying this powerful prayer. Hoping prayers will be answered for my struggling family.

Jesus always provides. Lord I leave my situation in your hands. Y have never forsaken me. Helped me through the worst in my life I love y jesus. Thank you Lord for your love and protection. I pray to you Lord Jesus to help me I miss Evette very much and I know she loves me we been thru some hard Times lord and I know we can get thru this I beg you to help us please I love her so much my hearr breaks when I hear her voice please for return back home to love care for each other forever amen thank you lord Jesus amen.

Please God give me the power and strength to get through each day. I have had a challenging year but you are bringing me through. My family, marriage, and finances were all tested. Through this I have become a person of faith and trust. Thank you for guiding, protecting, and directing me through the storm. I am still going through the storm but I can see the sun Son. Thank you God for loving me so much!!!

Thank you Lord ,Our Father for the bessings and guidance you have given us.. Thank you so mch for the complete healing of my friend.. For giving him healthy and strong body, and thank you so mch for providing for us , my boyfrien, financially, for our financial blessings, for solving all our problems… Thank you my Lord and my God… Thank you holy spirt, thank you Jesus. Jesus bless my son with a job. Love y Jesus A. On July, 3 we are going back to court with blood of Jesus this will be the last time and judge will rule in my Son and I favor, in order for us to continue with a normal life with the name of God.

Jesus you are the greatest y know about my situation I leave it to you guide me lord I trust in you. Father God I Thank you was being in the midst of my situations. God I thank you for working behind the scenes on my behalf. I give you all the praise and thanks, hallelujah. In Jesus name, amen. Jehovah thank you waking with up this morning and showing mercy and favor for I am blessed and highly favored. I asked that you humble my heart dispelled negativity and resentment. We have struggled and have humbled our hearts because we are bless and I have faith that you will continue to bless us abundantly.

I began praying this prayer for my daughter who was struggling with her studies and it looked for a while like she would not have the credits needed to graduate with her high school class. Pray this prayer faithfully, with thanksgiving in your heart and unwavering faith that whatever righteous thing you ask for is already done.

Then share your victory through Christ with others! S go traditional the real catholic faith the church here is our lady victory willmill dr the best chruch in las vegas nv. Father Almighty, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, i thank you for all answering and granting all my favors, i thank u so much for my financial breakthrough, for providing for me all my financial nedda and settling all my debts.. Thank you ao much.

I thank u also for making my friend very healthy and strong, for his complete healing, , for the successful completion of our project, , for making my parents always healthy and making my mom always happy… Thank you so mch.. I completely praise you, adore you and love you Lord Jesus my God…thank you Amen. I plead the mighty blood of Jesus Christ over my children, over Wally, my friends, and myself, over my relationship with Wally that we make a life together, over my finances blessings desperately needed, over my business, I am growing in faith Lord thank you I know my blessings and breakthroughs are coming please break, bind, and remove anything being done against and anything that is blocking this relationship and blessings I implore Lord in Jesus Christ mighty name so be it Amen!

Dear Lord I plead the mighty blood of Jesus Christ over my relationship with Wally that we will make a life together, hear I love you more, spend more time together, see each other more that whatever obstacles come our way we will surpass please Lord revoke, bind, and remove anything being done and blocking this relationship in Jesus Christ name so be it Amen!

Prayer Of Salvation

Thank you Jesus for the blessings and the favor. I declare my lord that is our year.

I call upon the father the son and the holy spirit I father wash my clean forgive me and my household for our sins. We pray Jesus that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

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My god I pray that my mothers soul may rest in peace. Father I ask that anything I lay my hands upon shall prosper. Let my household and myself be a blessing to others. Father help us start our new business please open doors for our general contractor and real estate business let their be no weapon formed against us. Give me the knowledge and wisdom to do well in my job father please help open a door that I can go back to school and finish my masters degree.

Change me my husband sister and cousins make us to be more men and women of god humble us may we never lack in life. Help those you put into our lives may they be blessed with long life and prosperity. May we confess our sins. Father please guide us to the righteous path. Thank you my lord you are my light and salvation, you know the plans you have for me to prosper me and give me a future. Lord I thank you for I know that by putting all my troubles in your hands everything is going to be okay. I need your help, my family needs you Lord.

This prayer is so powerful. I am for thankful for the prayers from prayers for special help. Thanking God for his favor and praying that he stays with me and my family. I am praying and believing that through Christ all things are possible. That may health maybe restored. That my finances will prosper so that I maybe able to help others with nothing bad happening. I believe. Jesus y are the greatest love y. Thank y Lord. Dear Lord, I pray that you will cover my friend with your Most Precious Blood, to keep him safe always , coz someone is following him to get something from him, i pray that he will receive all his payments soon so he could pay me and for me to settle all my debt nxt week..

I thank you so much Lord for answering my prayers. For the complete protection and safety of my friend, and for your financial blessings and for helping me pay all my debts. Thank you Lord God, in Jesus mighty name. Jesus Christ my king of kings. Lord of lords.

God does answer prayer! Deuteronomy But Jeshurun waxed fat, and kicked: thou art waxen fat, thou art grown thick, thou art covered with fatness ; then he forsook God which made him, and lightly esteemed the Rock of his salvation. Job He is wise in heart, and mighty in strength: who hath hardened himself against him, and hath prospered? New International Version "Who are you, Lord? It is hard for you to kick against the goads. And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. Christian Standard Bible "Who are you, Lord? Contemporary English Version "Who are you?

Good News Translation "Who are you, Lord? And the Lord said, I AM Jesus whom thou dost persecute; it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom you persecute: it is hard for you to kick against the goads. And he: I am Jesus whom thou persecutest.