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ATLANTIS 1 - Guillaume-Delaage

Are you implying this group developed some kind of WMD? A weapon of such unparalleled power that, on the one occasion our ancestors activated it, it devastated and wiped out an entire civilisation. Sara rolled her eyes. No way. John ignored her and watched as the Professor plucked another book from her shelves. Cleary thumbed through its pages and found what she was looking for.

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John knew the passage by heart. He wiped his brow.

Do you believe the Greeks destroyed it or not? There was a brief silence as both John and Sara processed the magnitude of this revelation. The Professor nodded. In return they agreed to fund my first book and ensured the success of my application for Professorship. These people are not amateurs, Hunter. Their ranks are brimming with power and influence, even now. John registered a little bile rise in his throat and coughed.

Is this the reason you tried to discredit my theory the other night? It appears Mr Hans Hoffmann beat them to the punch. John pushed the papyrus documents in front of Cleary.

Tomb of Atlantis

She studied them for a few minutes in silence, placing each of them under a strong magnifying glass. If these maps are real, then you are sitting on the find of the century. John cleared his throat, delaying his response and plucking up the courage to ask what he knew Sara was thinking. Cleary snorted, as if suppressing laughter.

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In a word, no. Cleary nodded.

The coastlines might be accurate but I expect little else will be. I doubt even Hoffmann has pockets deep enough to excavate that lot. She tapped the world map. Give or take, they seem to correspond with several major religious sites around the world.

Tomb of Atlantis

There is a correlation without question. John dipped his head in agreement. Shortly after launch, Atlantis deployed an aggressive marketing campaign to compete with Silkroad. To entice customers to switch allegiance, Atlantis focused its strategy on "usability, security, cheaper rates for vendor accounts and commission , website speed, customer support, and feedback implementation".

Shortly after Operation Onymous , the market closed with one week's notice in September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Atlantis Type of site. Retrieved 13 June Retrieved 14 June Melville House. Hampshire: Palgrave Pivot. Black Market Cryptocurrencies: The rise of bitcoin alternatives that offer true anonymity.

World of Mysteries - Lost City of Atlantis

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