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Stabnow describe the origins, development and philosophy of the HCSB.

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Arthur Farstad. Farstad had been a close friend of the originator of Accordance, Dr. Roy Brown, and when the translation was being considered the use of some computer aids was a given. So the team started to purchase Apple Macintosh computers simply because Accordance at that time only ran on the Macintosh platform. Sadly, four months into the project, Dr.

Farstad passed away. Edwin Blum as the new General Editor. Under Dr.

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We used Accordance every work day and always had the program open before we did any serious translation work. In my case, I had the privilege of doing this for over five years helping to develop the translation to get it to the point of publication. I would summarize how Accordance aided the HSCB in three areas: speed, accuracy, and unique analysis. Speed: Time is money, especially when you have teams of committees trying to develop a brand new translation.

Using Accordance dramatically increased the speed of simple tasks such as looking up a word in a lexicon or finding a particular verse reference. Someone proficient in performing these tasks manually might be able to accomplish them in a minute or so—that is, if he or she is successful on the first try good luck with that Hebrew root on a manual search! With Accordance, these tasks take only a few seconds. Words were looked up thousands and tens of thousands of times—almost always in multiple lexicons—so Accordance dramatically increased our speed in making good decisions. The time for other research such as concordance searches on Greek and Hebrews words was so fast that we routinely did them as we went along.

Performing such searches manually would have slowed the whole team down waiting for some result. All these lexicons were fully searchable for words or verses on any word meaning issue that we were looking at. For more complete word studies lexical information was coupled with concordance search analysis. For comparison purposes we also had access to all the major English translations, new and old as well as major foreign languages , that could easily be laid out in Accordance in parallel columns next to original language texts.

In the Synoptic Gospels we used gospel harmonies in Accordance to help ensure that similar Greek phrases were rendered the same while differences were also noted and treated as such. Bible dictionaries such as the Anchor Bible Dictionary and Hebrew and Greek Grammars were also used as research and evaluative tools. Unique Analysis: Computer Bible programs in general have been a tremendous asset to all translations done in the past decade or so, but Accordance was used in one more critical way that probably gave us a significant edge in developing a new translation.

I am uncomfortable with the way the NIV reads. It was fun for me to read it and study the Word of God, and now that I have two small children myself, I want to teach them straight from the same Bible I loved so much. Thanks for the info! Rhiannon, it is true that you can still purchase the NIV in some places, but only because the publishers have not completely cleared out their old copies.

When they finish selling those out, the NIV will no longer be available, and they do not plan to continue printing it. I was at a book store in an outlet mall this week, and they had several editions of the NIV on clearance.

Good article Bob. I had changed to the HCSB about two years ago. Hi Bob from Australia Thanks so much for your helpful comments. I too am considering the change.

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Here in Oz the NIV is a very popular translation and often used. I used the NIV11 when it came out but am concerned about some of the loss of meaning when gender neutral language is applied too rigorously. You may be shocked to know that many of my colleagues as well as myself now use our iPads for preaching and reading the Scripture.

I use Accordance which is the best software out there in my opinion. Accordance still sells the 84 edition of the NIV as well as the edition which you can get as a free upgrade if you wish. You can use both editions side by side.

I was interested in your article because Accordance have just released the HCSB Study Bible in digital form but without the translation and was wondering if it would be a good idea to purchase the HCSB translation from Accordance as well. They also offer the HCSB with strongs linking if you want it.

Your article has convinced me that the HCSB deserves a prominent place in my digital library. Many thanks. It is becoming quite common in the USA, as well. The transition to HCSB as my preferred pulpit translation has gone smoothly. I still refer to other translations often, and people are welcome to bring whatever versions they wish to church.

I also make frequent use of the ESV. God bless your ministry in the Land of Oz! Rogers, I had to reply to this one even though it is an older post. Guess you pick a post that is pertinent to your subject and add to it. I am enjoying your posts a lot and they give me some added info at times, and such as this one. I use only the KJV for my use for I find it uses the scrolls language and has served me well for many years.

I saw an example I believe is just a typo in your typing or if someone else does it for you, then them. I put the words in caps that I am wondering if it is really a typo; for why would David say that one is blessed to walk in the steps of the wicked? Lemondrop, Thanks for catching the typographical error in Psalm It is corrected in this post now. Hi Bob. Thanks for your post it helped me a lot. Here is the problem below…. This is important when talking to people of other faiths, they might think that the Lord was lying and could cause them to lose faith in Him.

However, I typically stick with the NET for teaching and preaching. Due to the license, I never have to sorry about how much I copy, quote, etc. It is very readable…and those awesome translation notes! Larry, I did the same thing for a while used the NET , but then I just sent an email to Holman asking for permission to use the HCSB for Powerpoint, bulletins, and our website, and they quickly granted permission with no problems.

The HCSB is a very good translation, with a need for some defined revision.

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Here are my main concerns: 1. The inconsistent use of Yahweh creates more confusion than clarity. Your explanation in the Introduction seems to me indefensible. The philosophy that the name cannot be uttered is a human one, not a divine order. Or at least use Yahweh uniformly. Romans is translated over-literally, ie. Your comment in the footnote is needed because your rendering is obscure. Why not just include the footnote in the text, even bracketed, just so the verse makes sense. The RSV rendering is just fine and clear. You give a bullet note, acknowledging the difficulty, but it is better to include a useful translation in the text: LORD of the Heavenly Armies.

No confusion there! It is my contention that in almost every case the word is used incorrectly and can mislead the reader. The Voice translation also does a good job of modernizing the verses listed above. I guess part of the problem is the committee aspect and the comfort of familiarity ex.

HCSB: Navigating the Horizons in Bible Translations

LORD of Hosts. The vast majority of your word choices are great! God bless your efforts! Just one more comment about the HCSB. It seems to me that Romans is too busy, probably a run-on. This completes one detailed thought. I have edited my personal Bible to reflect the above to make the thought pattern clearer. In Christ, Ken Diercouff. What is the modern fascination? They are awesome. They really help me. If one says he has no sin, he is denying the law, but not necessarily breaking it.

Secondly, look at Philippians Read the verse a few times and try to make sense of it in the HCSB:. More than that, I also consider everything to be a loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. I want to love this translation and use it as a go-to bible for teaching and devotional reading.

HCSB: Navigating the Horizons in Bible Translations by E. Ray Clendenen

But it is just a little too sloppy in places. I really hope the team does another revision soon. Other translations seem to introduce an obligation that Paul never had in mind — he never completed his thought if he wanted to express that we we under an obligation. I feel the HCSB gets it right in a big way here. This makes it much easier to see the contrast between believer and unbeliever in this section of Romans. Hopefully, this problem will motivate all of us to be true students of the Word, asking Holy Spirit to reveal to us His True meaning and make it alive; to, and in us. His Version, written in our thoughts, our intent, our deeds, our gestures, all that we are.

Lord God, thank You for Your Word! You wrote this Your Word, Help us! A revision is coming in March I was asked to not comment on the coming changes. Ken, I have bee studying the revision, which is called the Christian Standard Bible, and I plan to review it soon.

The Holy Spirit is our Teacher if we are Believers and will illuminate the scriptures. Those who prefer an easy to read bible are mostly likely leaning on their own understanding. Therein lies the difference: spiritual discernment. Not reading the Bible like its any other book. Pingback: Top blog posts in Bob Rogers. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Top countries visitors come from at least 2, views each 1.

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