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The date only goes uphill from there: Hannah gets to sit on Tyler's lap while he drives a boat named the Reel Clean and points out the local sights, followed by a swim and make-out session in the sea.

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I would have loved more time watching Tyler splash around the ocean, but I guess Hannah does have to meet his family. And this hometown is especially emotional because Tyler's dad was suffering from a paralyzed vocal chord—and Tyler hasn't seen him since he left for the show, so it's been hard to not know how the recovery's been going. So of course I tear up when Tyler and his dad are reunited.

When the two sit down for a chat, Tyler admits he's taking this process seriously because he wants his dad to be able to see him with a wife and kids someday. His dad replies that he hasn't seen Tyler this happy in a long time. And I'm crying again. Hannah's talk with Dad is just as sweet—apparently Tyler hasn't had many girlfriends, so it's good but scary to see him so enamored.

Damn, as if we needed another reason to love Tyler. Before Hannah leaves, she and Tyler make out in the backseat of an SUV while the driver stares forward and does his best to pretend like it's not happening. A pro! The third hometown date is with Luke in Gainesville, Georgia. He takes her to a church meeting, where he stands up and shares the story we've heard before: how he was "tangled up in sin" until God spoke to him in the shower. It feels more like a motivational speech than anything else, but Hannah seems into it?

When they break out into smaller groups, everyone praises Luke so much it feels like a setup. Um, have you all met Luke? Maybe they thought Hannah was asking about some amazing dude named Duke? Less strange: When Hannah and Luke meet his family for the first time, one brave uncle asks an important question, "Why is he here?

13 Hilarious Tweets About Bachelor in Paradise's After the Final Rose

They're joking—I think—because the family spends the rest of the time praising Luke and assuring Hannah that he's not at all like the person she's spent the last several weeks with. Who's that guy then? Before she leaves, Luke apologizes for being the worst and tells her "without a doubt" he loves her. The final hometown date is with Jed in Knoxville, Tennessee. Although the audience knows what it means to be the first or second person to get to the star, the contestants have no clue. Is this not a good time?

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In the end, the bachelor is given about an hour between turning down one woman and possibly choosing the second one. Nicole Weaver More Articles March 11, Producers make sure the women go into the rose ceremony feeling hopeful Arie Luyendyk Jr. Paul Hebert via Getty Images There is a lot of preparation that goes into the finale of the show. The star is usually given just an hour between final rose ceremonies. It all started when Luke came after Hannah for being a "sinner" and while Luke may have thrown in his own last word, we're gonna stick with Hannah's: "I have never said that I find sin funny.

I'm not going to [be] lectured on appropriate emotional responses by a guy who threw deli mean in a guys [sic] lap.

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Quotes like this could mean that Hannah ends up solo and happy, but the more likely solution is that the Bachelorette marketing and PR teams have gotten better at helping their stars tease their finales. Then again, that interview happened before the story about Jed Wyatt's ex-girlfriend went viral and before Peter Weber's past came knocking as well.

From the looks of things, the only really solid dude left is Tyler We can certainly dream, can't we? Sofia Richie, girlfriend of Scott Disick, has been a specter in the Kardashian universe for two full years.

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She has appeared in the background of the rare. Congress never had a chance. Warning: Batwoman spoilers are ahead.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Batwoman series premiere. The Hollywood powers that be have finally started to realize that movies and shows with flawed, relatable, and funny female protagonists are what audiences. Warning: Mild Batwoman spoilers are ahead. When Batwoman debuts on The CW on October 6, there is a crime-fighting stalwart whose absence is not only conspi.

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