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Requires improvement — the service isn't performing as well as it should and we have told the service how it must improve. Inadequate — the service is performing badly and we've taken enforcement action against the provider of the service. Suspended ratings are being reviewed by us and will be published soon. More about ratings. Ticks and crosses We don't rate every type of service. There's no need for the service to take further action.

If this service has not had a CQC inspection since it registered with us, our judgement may be based on our assessment of declarations and evidence supplied by the service. The service must make improvements. When Eugene jokingly suggests to Willie that he himself ought to "sell his soul to the Devil at the crossroads", Willie strikes him, angrily telling him he should never joke like that. The pair meet year-old Frances who hitchhikes with them and is fleeing her abusive step-father. She and Eugene start a physical relationship.

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Before long, she abandons him and Willie to continue her own journey, leaving Eugene heartbroken but with a deeper feeling for the blues. Heartbroken, he plays on an old Fender Telecaster guitar using a Pignose amplifier that Willie helped him buy. Willie confesses that there is no missing Johnson song, but tells the boy that he has proven himself far beyond what learning any blues song could ever teach him. Some days earlier, Willie also confides that the secret of playing the blues is using a slide — a short piece of pipe that fits over the third finger.

When they reach a rural crossroads in the middle of nowhere in Mississippi, Willie reveals the ultimate secret; his ability on the harmonica came about because of a deal with the devil made at this very location.

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The Devil, "Scratch", shows up and says that the contract for Willie's soul is still valid, even if Willie is ultimately dissatisfied with how his life turned out. Eugene, believing the other two are joking around, steps into the conversation. The Devil offers a challenge: If Eugene can come to a special concert and win a guitar battle against his ringer guitarist, then Willie gets his soul back. If Eugene loses, then Eugene also forfeits his soul. Despite Willie's protests, Eugene agrees to the deal.

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Willie and Eugene are transported to a music hall, where metal-blues guitar master Jack Butler, who also sold his soul for musical ability, is wowing the crowd with his prowess. Eugene, now understanding the situation, receives a mojo bag from Willie to hold in his pocket. He also slips his slide on, giving him a perceived advantage over his opponent. Eugene matches Butler throughout their guitar duel, and is eventually able to win the battle by falling back on his classical training playing a Paganini arrangement based on an obscure mythos regarding the Devil and performing music that his opponent cannot match.

The Devil tears up Willie's contract, freeing the bluesman's soul. Willie and Eugene are transported back to Mississippi, where they start walking again, talking of cities they plan to visit. The script was an original by John Fusco, who had long been interested in blues music. He worked as a blues singer and musician but had been warned by a doctor to rest his voice. In his girlfriend, who was working at a rest home, told him that an old black man with a harmonica had been admitted.

Fusco went to visit him and on the way dreamt up a story about what would happen if the player was a legendary blues player. This gave him the idea for the story.

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Coincidentally, Johnson was inducted to the inaugural class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in January , while the film was in production. It was only his second screenplay. Producer Mark Farliner acted as Fusco's independent adviser on it and later helped get it made.