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PBS Bookfinder. Books About School. How Do Dinosaurs Go to School? Large, bright-colored dinosaur characters dwarf teachers and children as the author first speculates about how rebellious the dinosaurs might be and then tells how cooperative and well-behaved they are. The simple text is accessible to young readers. Children's Choices. Books with Positive Messages. Parents need to know that this book, the first in the Keeker series, will draw. Wake Up, Sleepy Bear!

Classic Childhood Favorites. A cuddly but longer read-aloud that is perfect for bedtime. Parents need to know that this award-winner from deserves its classic status. There's a reason that this book has lasted so long in print. From the stellar illustrations to the somewhat long-winded but sweet story, it's a picture book that resonates with kids.

Miss Tilly brings fluffy bunny Marshmallow home to live with her tabby cat Oliver. The book charts the small family's adjustment to one another with lots of homey details and enough subtle insight to weather repeated readings. Read the complete review on the Common Sense Media Web site. Common Sense Media.

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In this take on "The Three Little Pigs," Jim builds a house of seaweed, Tim makes a sand house, and Kim constructs a wooden ship house that saves them all. Easy, patterned language makes this book very accessible to early readers. If your child is a fan of David Shannon's No David series, then this book will surely be a hit with your young reader. David Shannon has cleverly created David's counterpart in a girl named Alice, who claims to be a temporary fairy. You see, she has to earn her wings before she can truly become a real fairy. Come watch her spin her magic.

You can bet there will be some trouble if she is anything like David. Like Shannon's other books, Alice the Fairy is told from a child's point of view, and its innocence makes it appealing to young readers everywhere. Jennifer Thompson. William Steig's detailed cartoony style once again seamlessly portrays life as it is to be lived, if not believed. Historical Fiction. Anyone who has ever treasured a special doll or stuffed animal will understand Trixie's feeling as she trots off to school to share "her one-of-a-kind Knuffle Bunny.

They also will understand her dismay and unhappiness when the day doesn't turn out as she expected, and why she cannot sleep at night until the case of mistaken identity is solved. Once again, Mo Willems has created a masterpiece that will engage kids and parents alike. He has set simply drawn, yet colorful and expressive, cartoon characters against real black-and-white photographs of Brooklyn. The effect is captivating! On top of that, the language is straightforward and somewhat understated, which completes this perfect package.

Seasonal Stories. Bunnies Tino and Teeny leave a list of wishes in a hollow log. The list blows away in the winter wind and is found in pieces by mice, who rearrange the words into a new wish for the rabbits. After a stroll through the woods or a family hike, nothing feels better than a cup of hot chocolate and a good book, and what better book could there be than Fall Leaves Fall , an infectious read. Two siblings use their imagination as they explore autumn leaves.

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They discover some of the best things to do with leaves. Would you prefer watching, stomping, raking or jumping in a huge pile? Read more to discover the pure joy of autumn. In this lovely picture book, snow comes "singing a silent song" and leaves music everywhere: in the quiet whisper of snowfall, the noises of animals and the rumbling of the plow. The story is laid out almost like a concrete poem - when a squirrel scampers in circles, so do the words on the page - and Perkins's soft watercolors perfectly illustrate the snow-covered landscape.

Snow Music is a great read-aloud for a snowy afternoon. Click here to buy the book on Powells. Sheila Ashdown and the Kids' Team at Powells. Young Peter wakes up to find that snow has fallen - and he can't wait to go outside and play! Although he's disappointed when he finds that he can't save a snowball in his pocket, his sadness melts when he wakes up the next morning to yet another day of snowy fun.

Keats's collage-style illustrations are wonderful - especially the sharp contrast of Peter in his red snow suit with its little pointy hood against the snowy landscape. Keats's classic Snowy Day beautifully captures a child's sense of wonder. Silliness and Humor. One afternoon, during a town fair, a group of mischievous babies crawls away from their families. It is up to one little boy to save the day. Billie is the best hairdresser in the world! She can make her dolls' hair beautiful. Can she make her own hair beautiful, too? One day Billie and Jack find a note hidden under a rock at school.

It seems to be written in code! It's time the two friends put their code-breaking skills to the test. Mr Badger receives a very old letter, intended for his father, which has gone astray. He visits a lawyer's office to collect an important document and is led on a treasure-hunt to a forgotten room at the hotel, where he discovers It's Jack's first day at soccer!

He really wants to kick a goal, but the coach has made him goalie. There's no glory in goal keeping, is there? Lulu and her family are visiting their uncle's farm for the Easter holidays. There are horses to ride, a creek to swim in, and they can even sleep outside in a tent.

What fun! Lulu loves being a cowgirl on the farm, especially You know what it's like when your mum goes away on a business trip and Dad's in charge. She leaves a really, really long list of what he's got to do. Since the death of Mei's father, her ma has refused to keep animals on the family farm. So when Mei finds two baby chickens, she shares her delightful discovery with no-one but her older brother Guo but all does not go as planned Everyone has zombies on brain as Stink's school and a local bookshop cook up a frightfully fun Main Street event.

There's only one week before the new book in the Nightmare on Zombie Street series comes Jack's in the mood for mooching around, not playing with his crazy cousins! But will his bad mood spoil the whole day? Jack wants to win the maths competition at school, but it's not his best subject. Luckily, he's been paired with a maths whiz! Can they work together to win? The first adventure of Alex T. Smith's unforgettable canine hero, Claude. Lulu's best friend, Molly, is preparing for the Moon Festival. But there's so much to do!

There are dragon costumes and paper lanterns to make, and yummy moon cakes to bake, too. Lulu and her mum offer to help out, and soon Deep in the water lurks a new breed of Beast. A collectable series by the bestselling author of Beast Quest! When the princess sees her mother running into the Dark Forest, Betony is worried she will never return.

Humans are forbidden to enter the Forest Mr Badger is used to dealing with guests good and bad. But one day - the day of the Philatelic Society Annual Dinner - an extremely difficult guest arrives, demanding the Royal Suite. Just who is this tall and troublesome woman, Billie's class used to swim in the little pool.

But this year they're moving to the big one. Will Billie be too scared to swim in the deep end? Join six of your all-time favourite characters as they compete in the Team Terrific challenge! Anything is possible when girls team together! This series has an Geronimo joins the effort to rescue Blossom, Queen of the Fairies, who has been kidnapped by the Queen of the Witches and taken to the Kingdom of Nightmares. Maxx Rumble's sporting adventures are absolutely incredible - to say the least! You will hardly believe what goes on during a thrilling and sometimes bizzare season of cricket.

Pearlie looks after Jubilee Park and it keeps her very busy. Every day she makes the slippery dip slippery, opens all the flowers, polishes the dragonflies' wings, and looks after all the animals who live in the park. But one day Marcy, the lead female character from the Toocool books, now has her own series. Marcy has a go at everything - there is no challenge too large! Marcy's positive attitude, self-confidence and candid humour are contagious. All eight Maxx Rumble Cricket books in one volume! Maxx is back! It's summer, it's cricket season, the Ashes is on and one Maxx Rumble Cricket book just isn't enough.

Billie has broken her arm! It's going to be the best story ever for Show and Tell.

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Especially if she adds in a crocodile The Queen of the Fairies invites Geronimo back to her fantastical world to help in the quest for the true heart of happiness. This time Geronimo rides on the wings of a rainbow-colored dragon as he makes his way through seven The Thea Sisters are off to Japan on a cultural exchange program. While they're busy exploring Kyoto, a valuable doll is stolen from a wealthy Japanese collector. Will the five mice be able to track down the doll and catch the Princess Betony has been chosen to collect a gift from the Wild Magic -- a precious thunder egg that has to be protected at all costs.

Betony must journey alone through the Dark Forest to Teapot Mountain and bring the egg back It's time for a wedding at Penberthy House! Clementine Rose is thrilled! There's a giant tent in the back garden and guests arriving by the car load. A wedding at Penberthy House is just the thing her mother needs to help pay for Book 1 in the fantastic four-book series about taking risks and flying high. A unique collaboration from children's book legend Paul Jennings and brilliant cartoonist Andrew Weldon.

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But how can Maxx lead his team to victory when super When Paulina, one of the Thea Sisters, finds a strange blue-skinned boy unconscious on the beach, the sisters set out to solve the mystery of who the boy is and where he comes from--and how to return him to his home.

Violet Mackerel thinks she would quite like to own the blue china bird at the Saturday markets. This is not just a silly wish. It is instead the start of a very important idea. But what she needs is a plot. A brilliant plot Clementine Rose was delivered not in the usual way, at a hospital, but in the back of a mini-van, in a basket of dinner rolls. So begins the story of a very special little girl. Clementine Rose grows up with her adopted mother, Join Claude and Sir Bobblysock on a seaside adventure!

For longer than anyone can remember, Algernon has been standing absolutely still in his own special spot at the Boubles Grand Hotel. Everyone is shocked when he disappears. Can Mr Badger solve the mystery of the missing ape? Mr Badger is in charge of special events at a splendid old London hotel. When he and his assistant, Miss Pims, prepare for Miss Sylvia Smothers-Carruthers' seventh birthday party, little does Mr Badger know just what is in store Book 2 in the fantastic four book series about taking risks and flying high, from the children's book legend Paul Jennings and brilliant cartoonist Andrew Weldon.

When Piggie discovers that she and Gerald are in a book and she can make the reader say a funny word out loud, Gerald is tickled pink. But then Gerald realizes that the book is going to end soon--ack! What will happen then? It's the summer holidays and the Butterfield family is going away to Cornwall. As usual, Mattie has plenty to worry about. What if she loses the luggage she's been put in charge of? What if someone falls over a cliff? And worst of Book 3 in the fantastic four book series about taking risks and flying high, from children's book legend Paul Jennings and brilliant cartoonist Andrew Weldon.

Book 4 in the fantastic four book series about taking risks and flying high, from children's book legend Paul Jennings and brilliant cartoonist Andrew Weldon. Read on your own if you dare Beware you are about to meet a purple subterranean alien, a blithering, bungling spaceman and a pack of drooling space gangsters but never fear, Alfie Small is here!

OUT OF Billie's party is going to be the best ever. She has lots of fun games planned! But what if Billie's friends don't like her party? Or worse A walk in the park leads to a walk on a tightrope when Claude joins a circus, throws custard pies, and becomes the star of the show! Funny and exciting stories from a bright, young newcomer. Billie loves hanging out with Rebecca's older sisters.

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They make her feel so grown-up! But is Billie grown-up enough to handle the scary movies they like? Violet Mackerel has a new theory. It is the Theory of Helping Small Things. So when Violet makes friends with a tiny ladybird called Small Gloria, she wants to give her a helping hand.

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But sometimes it's hard to know the best way Violet Mackerel has some good news and some not-so-good news. The good news is about Mum and Vincent! The not-so-good news is that they have to move house. Violet is trying to be brave, but sometimes leaving your personal space Billie and her friends dare each other to explore the spooky house at the end of the street.

They are sure it's haunted. Sooo scary! But if anyone can handle ghosts, it's Billie B Brown! Who would feed the pigeons? Who would look after their little sister? Who would wake Mila up in time?

Marcus needs a plan, and Max and Dan are desperate to get their names onto the Fishing Fame Board. When they take a paddle boat out fishing, they catch much more than they bargained for A humorous chapter book with illustrations, not just for fishing Room Five's teacher, Mr Tripp, is good at telling jokes, loves riddles and is great at using his nose.

When a student's pet rat escapes from its cage, it's up to Mr Tripp to be brave, and to smell it out! A school concert sounds like fun. Jake could scamper across the stage in a monkey suit. Even being a prince might be okay; as long as princesses are kept well clear. But Mrs Paul has other ideas Elizabeth the Jubilee Fairy is in charge of making every jubilee perfect!

But when Jack Frost steals Elizabeth's Diamond Sceptre, both fairy and human celebrations are headed for catastrophe. Can Kirsty and Rachel help Elizabeth Ashvin has been bringing the monkeys that live in the big city back to their natural jungle environment. But the monkeys have suddenly started The first book in a fun and exciting series by award-winning author Frances Watt and Kate Greenaway Medal winner Gregory Rogers, introducing Tommy - a feisty kitchen hand who longs to be a liege.

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When Tommy is finally promoted to Another adventure in the Sword Girl series featuring the feisty Thomasina. Evil plans are stirring and it's up to Tommy to save Flamant Castle! The Forever House is Fenella's cubby house, and for her it's a magical place. When she was younger, she and her best friend Matilda used to pretend it could fly them anywhere in the world. It's still a place where Fenella goes In this amazing adventure, Thea's friends, the Thea Sisters, head to Peru, where a good friend of Paulina's is in danger.

There, the five mice climb the Andes mountains in search of a mysterious treasure that's hidden in the Judy's big plans for the summer seem ruined when two of her best friends go away, and then her parents leave her and Stink with Aunt Opal, but a new thrill-a-delic plan has her racing toward fun. Agent Judy Drewdy sets out to solve the case of the missing puppy when a canine-cop-in-training vanishes into thin air. Return to the world of Milly-Molly-Mandy! Read about her adventures in this collection of six charming stories.

If you're looking for two marvellous companions, who will make you hug the page with delight, look no further than Bink and Gollie! Another magical adventure with Pearlie the Park Fairy! One evening, Pearlie the Park Fairy finds a lost doll sitting under a bush. Dolly is very sad because she has lost her little girl. What can Pearlie do? Organise a glittering, Bean's older sister, Nancy, is going to Girl Power 4-Ever Camp, where she will do things that Bean will never know about. Bean doesn't care. She doesn't want to go to camp. Wait a second! Bean and Ivy can make their own camp, The second adventure in the Sword Girl series featuring the feisty Tommy.

While on an errand to the smith in the town, Tommy overhears a plot to poison Sir Walter during a banquet and make it look like the work of a neighbouring Figaro and Rumba are best friends. Figaro is a dog who loves to run like the wind. And Rumba is a cat who once sang and danced in Cuba. When they catch the Very Fast Train that goes all the way to the beach, they meet a cunning My name is not actually Penny Dreadful. It is Penelope Jones. But it is not even true that I am dreadful Extra Weird! Read review.

Listen to My Trumpet! Mo Willems When Piggie plays her new trumpet for Gerald, the elephant decides he must be honest in his response. Stories For Eight Year Olds Linsay Knight, Tom Jellett Emergency spew relish, a burglar on a mission, a visiting Martian, a vampire librarian, a rock wallaby, a very special friend, a school excursion with a difference, a sad spirit, a valiant superspy, a terrified boy, a grandfather Stories for Nine Year Olds Linsay Knight, Tom Jellett Booksellers, parents and grandparents alike have been clamoring for a series with stories especially chosen to appeal to children of different ages.

Coco Banjo has been Unfriended N. Gemmell Two problems could ruin everything at school camp. Coco Banjo is having a Yay Day N. Borgon the Axeboy and the Dangerous Breakfast Kjartan Poskitt, Philip Reeve A dangerously funny new series for boys and girls age from bestselling author Kjartan Poskitt, illustrations by the one and only Philip Reeve. Duck in a Truck in the Muck Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton A rhyming story of friendship and fun that will delight Andy fans, especially beginner readers.