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His advice, guidance and valued wisdom has seen it become an integral part of the technical development program in the Academy. What a wonderful legacy for any coach to pass on to the next generation! In terms of player development, Tom has a CV par excellence. Aligned to that, is a kind, caring, reliable and extremely trustworthy human being who loves his football, cares about people, and has a mission to ensure that folk young and old develop the love and passion for soccer that has sustained him all these years. It has been my distinct privilege and honour to have worked closely with him all these years at this truly amazing football club.

Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine 01 - Home Back to Results. SW Shrink Wrapped. Mint Perfect.

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Brand new. NM Near Mint. EX Excellent. VG Very Good. Fair Very well used, but complete and useable. Poor Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention. When only one condition is listed, then the box and contents are in the same condition. A "plus" sign indicates that an item is close to the next highest condition. One aspect that wasn't mentioned already is that the "favour" indicator for the ease of an event is basically useless. If say on the wiki we had something along the lines of "you need these champs with this average ilevel gear to succeed at variant x" it would save a lot of phaffing around.

I know many players just seem to hold onto them rather than deciding, especially when there is going to be rebalancing coming. It's basically just a comparison thing, like when discussing things on discord, being able to quickly compare our progress or strength difference between people with different progress levels sorta like comparing favor.

It also just gives us something else to talk about when whining at each other ;. We'll be killing more Kobolds in a few weeks when we go back to Chult, but I don't have any new Kobold heroes lined up through the rest of the year.

The Simon Time Trivia Show – #39 – Tournament of Champions: Round 1 Game 8

I just wrote a line where deekin says in that moment after a trap is tripped : "Is it time for the song?! Erika said she would maybe try to get us a list of High Roller rewards, if she could beat the players to it. We want to keep the rewards as a surprise. We don't want to spoil the rewards for the players who enjoy the excitement of reaching a threshold and seeing what's next. Any hopes for being able to buy past event silver chests at some point, with gems or real money?

Maybe when the hinted-at shop revamp comes? Can that be added to the rough roadmap? I just want a way to get my two missing Birdsong commons, and a way to give you money for her slot 6 shiny before I reach ilevel I don't know about silver chests. I'm only listing affiliations that we're planning on using or calling back on.

Once we start adding more folks from Minsc's crew, we'll look into that. Shouldnt Minsc and Boo and Delina have some form of association? Considering they are in a comic together. Only just seen this so apologies if it's already been asked, but is there any truth behind IBlameChris? It's a running joke in the office. I came in to take a lot of responsibilities away from Justin, but of course there is an adjustment period. Every time I goof, it's a BlameChris joke. It's caught on. Plus before it was BlameJustin and since i'm supposed to take most of the things off his plate, that was the first thing he sent my way :.

Damn, a sensible reply. I thought the least you could do was come up with something like FakeNews or something :.

Too late for Chris, but I have to ask, has anyone ever really found a use for Strix's Haunted ability? I suppose there must be some variant where a character gives more dps dead than alive, but Strix is almost always disqualified from those I was thinking that it would see more general use as a temporary dps buff whenever her Death Ward ability activates. Would indeed make more sense with a duration but in practice that'd be a pain to take advantage of, I'd rather the ability was just removed. You'd have to strain pretty hard to come up with a scenario where the current Haunted allows you to succeed once characters start dying, and even in variants where deaths are certain eg cotli-style timed instakill falling rocks it'd still be free buffs on a character that doesn't need them.

Right now I'm working on Dragon Heist favor and I'm at a point where my wall is because my tanks are taking too much damage, not because my dps isn't high enough. So I am seeing Death Ward proc a decent amount.

Idle Champions Community Q&A #39 : idlechampions

But yeah, it's pretty niche. They weren't supposed to be included with Stinky. We'll have new familiars next week that have Epic Firebreath Potions included in them. Also, we'll be giving some away next week so stay tuned! I'd post them to the reddit as well but we can't actually create image posts Yeah, I've had that feedback. I tried to get the Tiamat font but it won't install on the machine that I make these on. I'll probably use a different raster font in the interim, I forgot how hard the Gold Box font was to read.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I don't get much use out of click potions If I'm at a wall and Hammer stacking, and need a push, click potions seem to do very very little. Do people tend to just use those for faster leveling? I use them, although they don't synergize well with my main dps Birdsong stealing her kills and thus tempo.

I don't use Barrowin at all though by choice, I could but I prefer other playstyles , with her, there's of course not much use for firebreath.

An episode of Motivation and Inspiration for Ambitious Achiever

Stressing they do a ton pushing the first few runs of new campaigns. If you're not birdsong dps they're also nice for clearing trash from armored x50 bosses. Hammer Stacking isn't really compatible with click potions, that's the issue. Hammers don't increase overall listed party dps. Hammers debuff? Cause I was looking last night at my click damage and it seems it debuffs apply as well, as I was testing with Poor Higiene. But now I'm thinking maybe potions don't work with debuff, only raw click damage.

Most debuffs that amplify damage taken count, since that's per-monster and not per-attack. Krond's Eldritch Strike does not count as that's a debuff specific to his own attacks, not the rest of the party. Similarly, Regis's Ruby Weakness is tied to a damage type and won't affect Firebreath potions.

Barrowin's Hammers and Binwin's chained attack multiplier don't count as they directly buff champions and are not reflected in the Party DPS meter. Barrowin's ult technically also works, but that uses Barrowin's ult's damage rather than your click damage for the amplification base. New Firebreath Potions are very good for farming favor with in conjunction with strength and clairvoyance potions, since then you just sit as high as you can. There's currently three permanent adventures where this pays out better than Makos farming. The reason this works is because trash mobs on a boss zone drop extra gold to offset there being only ten of them, but these three boss fights spawn Trash even faster than regular zones do and in excess of the normal trash-on-a-boss-zone rule - so you farm off of an inflated gold rate against trash that are spawned at an inflated rate.

If you can sustain farming on these bosses without a firepot, go for it. I can almost guarantee that you can't keep a Makos ultspam farm running against them due to the faster spawn rate. Actually I've been Makos farming on z of Running of the Saurs for a while now. I just slip in a Deekin ult when the Makos ult has 3 min left out of Pull Hitch with about 20 sec left, they pull to , and ult away.


And really, the Deekin ult is optional - Evelyn ends up overleveled a bit to where the mobs would need to hit x to really hurt her. Epic Firepot is s of the party DPS per click and you'd be stacking it with an epic strength potion; what requires e84 for Makos farming requires only 2e80 with firepot farm strats. But yeah, it's a fair call. I'm just too used to Makos meaning "Not using Birdsong to sit on a higher level" and that's not a fair assumption. Is it possible to collect more than 6 Time Gate pieces? I understand why opening is locked down in the days before the global event, I'm just curious if pieces will continue to drop even if I'm at 6.

I missed the 3 day window and will be stockpiling them. Based on the results of that we'll figure out what our next steps are. It will continue to be available. Especially for folks that come into the game after the promotion is over. Although, I recommend if you're going to pick it up, do it before September 4th so it benefits Take This!

I was unfortunate to find out about Idle Champions fairly recently and missed out on two out of three Waffle Crew members so far. Will there be further chances to obtain them in future? Also, i'd rephrase that to say you were fortunate to find out about Idle Champions, because now you can play Idle Champions!